How to tell Braxton Hicks from early labor contractions

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Eren, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Eren

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    Dec 31, 2017
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    With my son, my water broke and by the time I drove 15 minutes to the hospital, I was already 8cm dilated and still not experiencing any pain.

    This time, I have a new doctor. The hospital I am delivering at is 1 hour away! I am hoping to catch contractions early so that I can get my butt there before hitting 8+ centimeters (I'm so afraid she will be delivered on the side of the highway!)

    Anyways, for weeks I've been experiencing BH contractions. Last night I woke up, and they were persistent, about every 10 minutes. I'm experiencing pressure and sharp twinges in my pelvis.

    However, when I get up and move, contractions seem to go away. Instead, I experience bouts of pressure, as if I have a full bladder, and the same sharp twinges.

    At my OB appt yesterday(I am 38 +3), baby was at a -1 station, I am 4 cm dilated, and 80% effaced. I'm not in any pain... it's not full blown labor. I'm just not sure what to feel/look for.
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    What I had heard was is you get up and move around or drink water and they go away, it’s BH.

    I feel your pain. I am right in between both hospitals, which no traffic are 40 minutes away. With traffic can be up to two hours! I luckily went into labor Friday morning and just missed commuter traffic but still was 6cm when I got there. They even tried to tell me not to come in for a few hours! Glad I followed my contractions and not their bad advice lol

    Is there any way to stay somewhere closer leading up to your due date? Just to give you peace of mind?
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    I just got a paper from my OB that said if I had more than 4 contractions in an hour to empty my bladder then have two large glasses of water then lay down, if they don't stop after that then to call in. I'm almost 30 weeks so it may be different when you're closer to delivery but I think the general rule is, if they stop they aren't real contractions.
  4. babyoneill

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    Contractions are constant and if regular then your in labour if you get 3 in 10 mins if you get sporadic tightening it's just practice contractions (braxton hicks)
  5. Bevziibubble

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    Contractions are more regular and don't usually ease off with efforts like drinking water etc.

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