How did you meet your OH/DH etc??

Tell me a story, cos i'm a nosy cow!!! :roll: :shock: :roll:

Mines pretty boring really...we worked for the same company (different depts) and it was someone leaving drinks after work one friday and I got plastered, he took care of me and asked me out on the monday.

Here we are 7 year later...married for 1.5 years.

Charm X
Oooh Hayley you nosey bag!!!
you should have started this off

Right get yourself a coffe and i will begin :D

Ok i was 15 when we met, i had gone to school with his Bro and we only lived 2 doors away from each other, had always just seen him as Phils Bro but one summer me and my mate were just hanging about on the street as you do and he started talking to us with his mate, nowt going on we just became mates and spent time with each other ( he was off work 'cos he had done summat to his arm, can't remember now but it was in a sling!!)
We just sort of drifted in to being a couple, i mean for gods sake i pushed him bad arm first into a wall :shock:

We just sorta hung out together and i used to sneak him in house when babysitting my sister.

I must have cost him a fortune as i was always tapping cigs off him lol

We just sorta kissed and that was that 12 years later here we are :D
i was going out with my oh mate, we became good friends started hanging out, and me and his mate broke up and a week later we got together, two years later we are still together and got a babie and getting married next year
We met over the internet. I knew robs sister first from a Darren Hayes chat room. She put him onto her msn as we had the same interests and we got chatting. 6months later we met in person and not long after got engaged and i moved in with him.
we met on the reading festival forums. we spoke for ages and then one day he came up from reading to see me, he never left!

I Love all these stories!

We met on the internet. The funny thing was we werent looking. We both had ICQ. This was when the X-Files was really big. Everyone told me I looked like Scully so my ICQ name was of course Scully. All of a sudden the guy IM me and started quizing me on the X-Files. Then for the next 6 months he kept asking me where to take girls on dates in my area. Then one day we started talking more and the rest is history, We met and had some :drunk: beers, and the rest is history. That was 1999 and we finaly got married last year. Now we are TTC for baby #1. :happydance:

we met thru a dating agy(still embarrasses that!) 6 wks later moved intogether, that was 5 years ago in january, been married just over 2 years!!
we met online 6 years ago wewere the only 2 ppl in a chat room so we got talking and the rest is history have been married for 4 years now and have a 3 year old lil girl
I met my OH on the internet too!

He had plans to open his own business & was looking round the competition one of the companies has a chat forum which I admin for anyway we use to talk all time & I arranged a few BBQ meets at my home last year, he came to the second & he abused me :twisted: Later found out that was his intentions anyway lol Crafty!

I was in the middle of a split with my ex & by the time we met my ex had left the house, I was packing up & moving to London where I stuck my stuff in storage to stay with a friend I came his way twice & erm the second time I didn't leave :thumpup:
awww internet has alot to answer for i see! :p

I met my partner through his car website! lol Were both into our cars and he owned the local site! We got chatting in Jan this year and had a good laugh but i already had a long term b/f! In March we all went out on a night out and we just had a great laugh but something was up with him, finally got it out of him a few days later that he was mad about me and he was jelous of my then b/f! we started meeting up which was really bad and my ex found out and we split up and i got with him! Weve done everything so quickly but i love him to bits and he makes me so happy! :cloud9:
:oops: i know! :oops:

At least its all out of the way! lol I wouldnt change whats happened for the world! it makes it more fun! :lol:
well me and my dp were friends for around 2 yrs and we went to mexico together with a group of friends and one night by the fire he grabbed my hand its been true love ever since. that was 4 years ago and now we have a bump, a new house and we're engaged too :)
Ah Miss B we basically the same! Only I think he waited for me to splt with my ex properly before he pounced me :lol:

Terrie awwww soppy (by the fire) :twisted:
i went for the more dramatic approach! :lol: When you cant resist someone though things have to be done! :lol:
:D awww lovely stories.
Me an OH met in a nightclub, it was just a bit of fun at 1st as ide not long come out of a relationship, but it turned more serious an here we are 7 yrs on, bought a house have a 4 yr old and tryin for another!
This is really interesting.

Mines slightly shameful, I'm afraid. We've known each other for about 8 years. We used to work together. I thought he was a prat and he thought I was a stuck up cow for the first few years so we barely even spoke. :shock:

He did an email asking if anyone wanted to go to see Kylie in concert (and no, that's not the shameful bit!!! :lol: ). I said yes and a load of us went. We got chatting and really liked each other.

Shameful bit... I was married and he had a long term g/f and both relationships were going down the pan. We used to cry on each others shoulders about it all. We ended up splitting up with our partners around the same time and got together officially straight after. Caused loads of problems, we both lost a good friend each (strange that, they probably weren't that good friends after all) who separately decided we were worse than Satan's bottom for rushing into another relationship.

Oh well, here we are..... nearly 5 years later, totally loved up. No plans to marry (We can't afford it now anyway cos all money is going into IVF!) and trying to make babies together. :rain:
I met my husband in a discothek. First we were good friends for about a year. I thought o.k. the man has to take the first action and he must have been to shy. The night before my friend and me flew to Ibiza to have some party and fun he kissed me 4 hours before our flight departured and I spend 2 whole lovesick weeks in spain :roll: The fear that I could fell in love with someone else in Spain made him hurry up :shock:

We have been together for 10 years now (3 years married) and with a 19 months old son.
i met my husband in a neighbours house, i see him there on xmas eve 01 and because i didnt wont to tell my neighbour i liked his mate i got his phone and found his number!. but then i told my neighbour and they texted him to say i liked him, then he texted me and we spent the rest of xmas texing then in jan we went out on couple dates and ended an iten jan 02. we were very close and had our son in march o3 and got married in oct 04! all very quick but we been togther 5 years and are as happy today as the day we met.
he also told me that he noticed me first and told my neighbour he liked me but they told him he wasnt my type!!!! he also said that the first day he saw me walking down the path he knew that id be the one he married!.

we lived with my mum and dad when we had our son and for the last year we have our own place and our own space and we love it! :D :D :D

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