Hubby had vasectomy 3 weeks ago - symptoms

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by Lisa Wilson, Aug 12, 2019.

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    Hey everybody!

    So.....dh had a vasectomy and hernia repair surgery 3 weeks ago. He hasn’t been able to even think about having an orgasm (either alone or with me) until about a week ago. He has had probably 10 orgasms over that time and then the other day we DTD and he *ahem* finished inside of me. I was shocked that he would do that, but he said that he thought we were good. (I guess he didn’t really listen when the doctor was speaking before the surgery.)
    I immediately checked my fertility tracker and saw that I was ovulating that day! We have three other kids, and having a fourth would be welcomed, but certainly not planned. I know that it is realllllly early to know anything, but I have been feeling twinges in my lower abdomen that feel eerily like my other three pregnancies. Any research I have done about sperm counts post vasectomy don’t talk about this early post-op. They only really discuss counts after 20 ejaculations or 3 months. Anybody have any stories of people who did get pregnant right after surgery?

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