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  1. Jas029

    Jas029 Guest

    Ok.. So as I've mentioned before in a earlier rant a while ago..
    My grandparents are going on a month long vacation to Florida in February..
    ALL February they're going to be gone.. :growlmad:

    Now today my parents tell me that my dad and my brother are going to like Georgia or somewhere for some political thing and guess when..
    He's leaving the night I'm DUE
    Knowing QUITE well when I was due.. At least for my grandparents it "slipped their mind"
    So not only are my grandparents going to be gone but my dad and brother are going to be gone when I'm either in labor or right after I already had him depending on when he comes..
    Hopefully I won't be that far over-due..
    I asked him "Well what if I go into labor on the day I'm due and your busy packing for everything?!"
    He said "Well if that happens I don't have to leave til real early next morning"

    Oh, Also my parents are planning on going to Chicago in May and they claim I can't go and will have to stay here with Riley because he'll be to young to travel..
    When I was only a few months old the took me all the way out to Arizona AND Florida! Both are a few days to drive when where I live Chicago would be less then a day's drive not to mention I've never been there before and ALWAYS wanted to go there!
    Instead they're gonna leave me home with an infant which then my uncles will flip thinking I won't be OK by myself and will be over constantly..
    I can't stand them already and I know once I have him and they're just going to be doing the annoying baby-talk constantly and giving me crappy advice constantly I'll want to jump off a bridge :dohh:

    SERIOUSLY I just want to run around and be like a little kid and have a temper tantrum! It's driving me nuts! :growlmad:
  2. trashit

    trashit Guest

    :hugs: he probably wont come on his due date, they very rarely do. Its usually a week after or so. Well in most cases Ive seen anyway. So in that case your dad and brother will be back. Keep your legs crossed! Lol hope he comes when theyre back hun xx p.s hes due on my birthday (but i was due valentines) x
  3. Jas029

    Jas029 Guest

    Keep my legs crossed! :haha:

    My mom said that with your first your more likely to go over your EDD..
    But I've also seen alot of cases that are before too so I don't know how accurate that is..
    And I have this feeling in my that he's gonna be a little early.. :shrug:But that might just be me wanting him to be a little early so I can have him in my arms faster! :haha:
  4. annawrigley

    annawrigley Guest

    you may feel like you're overreacting but i would be soooo angry by this! :growlmad: thats really rude!
    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr well yeah i hope hes overdue a little too so your dad and brother are back when he comes! :) xx
  5. Jas029

    Jas029 Guest

    Well, a quick update..
    My grandparents aren't going to Florida thank goodness!
    Ofcorse, They didn't cancel because of ME..
    They were going down with a few of my grandma's siblings and their O/H's but apparently the complex they rented is to small and there wasn't enough room for everyone to sleep there and what not.. So my grandparents decided to stay behind..

    Oh, To make matters worse my mom works tues-wed-thurs nights 8PM-8AM shifts..
    I'm due on wed and I asked if she was gonna try and get the week off or something since dad will be leaving wed night and she said no incase he doesn't even come then and so now there's a chance of me going into labor while my moms at work and my dads 1000's of miles away!
    She'd take off and come get me and take me to the hospital ofcorse but I just really didn't like the idea of going into labor when home alone..
    Ofcorse as soon as my uncles heard about her working and dad being gone they immediately sprung on the fact I shouldn't be alone and were saying they'll come stay with me..

    I'm sorry but I think they're one of the LAST people I want to be around when I go into labor.. They drove me nuts the whole pregnancy and they're gonna drive me nuts when Riley's here.. I don't need to be in a huge amount of pain and have to b*tch them out that I'm going into labor and just listen to my uncle go on about all the pains HE goes through constantly like he does now ALL THE TIME..
    Not to mention he drives like an old man..

    Now that my grandparents will be home during the month of February I figured I'd stay over at their house during the night when my dads gone and moms working because they're right there in town and just like five minutes from the hospital as well..
    Would make it quite handy..
    Although they both drive like old people and scare the crap out of me sometimes when riding with them I can't imagine them driving in the middle of the night half asleep! :shock:

    Oh well.. I guess it's better with my grandparents since they're only 5 minutes away so it won't be to bad with them driving.. If my uncles stayed out at my house it would be closer to 15-20 minute drive and even if I'm in labor I STILL don't know if he'd drive very fast!!!
    He drives like an old man worse then my grandpa trust me..

    Sorry bit of a rant! Sadly families calling me away I got to end it there!
  6. xforuiholdonx

    xforuiholdonx Momma to Emma and Coltin!

    Aug 15, 2009
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    :-O Hun I would be so mad its not funny. I read the whole bit about your uncle and his parents calling your child "Our baby", like they have some claim. Personally, I would tell them all to EFF off. You dont want them, nor do you really need them around. Go and stay with grandparents, and I thtink its a load of bull your dad is going out of town, and your mom cant take the week off to stay with you. Ugh. Some people Im telling you.
  7. Jas029

    Jas029 Guest

    I'm trying not to stress about it..
    I wish my mom would take the week off but with her job she's a really important person there and they're already under staffed after firing one guy and another had a stroke so she's been really busy with it..
    Not to mention I don't want her like taking that week off then he doesn't even come then and when I need her there she won't be able to take off any more days or something..
    And yes, the "Our baby" thing drove me off a cliff.. And it was my uncles and my parents not his.. Technically my parents never agreed with them as my mom especially knows how it feels that they're "YOURS"
    But yes.. my uncles are the last people I want to be around when I go into labor..
  8. 05wilkesm

    05wilkesm Guest

    i feel a bit like this too, my mums going away for a weekend, the weekend before im due and that p****d me right off! So i cant imagine how you feel!
    But my mums doing this time-owing thing at work so if she stays like an hour doing overtime she wont get paid for it but the hours build up so in the end she will be able to have a few days off with me she also works a few hours sunday when shes not ment to so theres an extra day just like that!, why dont you see if your mum could do something like that?
    Good luck hun hopefully you'll keep him cooking for a little while longer so your dad and brother can meet him when you do :) oh and i love the name Riley! if i was having a boy thats what i was gonna call mine!! :D
  9. Jas029

    Jas029 Guest

    Well.. My moms an registered nurse at a physical rehab and she's the supervisor there meaning she's incharge of EVERYTHING
    There's only like 2-3 other supervisors even working right now and my moms boss got fired so one of the supervisors took over her place so there goes another one able to cover for her..
    So they have like 4 people in all to cover that place 24/7 and during the day they usually have two there to keep the ruckus down so my mom can't just take a week off because they need her so bad..
    I just hope when I go into labor if she's at work she will be able to get off immediately and come get me!
  10. 05wilkesm

    05wilkesm Guest

    Aww bloody hell what a palarva well hopefully by your due date they are more staffed so it will be easier for your mum to get you

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