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Feb 20, 2008
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Thought I would let you all know how my lap went - for the girls that have one coming up.

I was actually really quite excited about it in the days running up to it - cos I just really wanted some answers - but the day before I was going a bit crazy.

anyway - i had to get there for 7.30 and couldn't eat from 2.00 that morning and could only drink sips of water up to 6.00 in the morning. i do suffer cystitis so my biggest worry really was not being able to get any fluids in me and getting cystitis by the end of the day. i was also a bit worried about being starving.

as it was though - my stomach was churning so much with a mixture of nerves and excitement i couldn't have eaten even if i could have.

anyway, my DH dropped me off at the hospital at 7.30 - it was a special day surgery wing of the hospital and was really clean. i had taken some antibacterial wipes with me to wipe round the loo and my bed - just cos i panic about MRSA - but it was actually really clean.

you definitely need a good book - i wasnt taken down to surgery till 12.00 so it was a long wait.

i was visited at least five times by different nurses / the anesthatistist all seemed to ask me the same questions.

there was a lady next to me who was at exactly he same stage TTC as me (i overheard her conversations through the very thin curtain between our beds) - her DH is even going to a hospital in Hammersmith on monday to do a sperm test the same as my DH. she was really nervous about the procedure so they let her mum stay with her most of the morning.

I was the last but one patient to go to theatre - and just wanted it over with by the time it came round.

in the anesthetic room the nurse was really chatty to distract me whilst they put one of those needle things in your hand (the ones that stay in there so they can keep giving you more drugs if you need them) - the doctor actually put mine in wrong so it was quite painful - nothing really horrendous but enough to make me wince - and then he put a couple of other drugs in before the anesthetic - which felt weird - you could feel it going up your arm. at first i just felt really drunk and the room was spinning and my biggest worry was not actually falling asleep - so the last thing i said was 'please can you make sure `I'm definitely asleep' and then next thing i know i wake up in the recovery room!!

i felt a bit woozy when i woke up - i had an oxygen mask on my face and my hand was a sore - because the doctor had put my needle in wrong my hand had gone red and swollen in theatre so they had had to put another one in my other hand whilst i was under. the nurse distracted me by asking me what my favourite chocolate bar was whilst she took the crap needle out - this must be an old nurses trick cos it definitely worked. i was really worried it would hurt - but it was nothing too bad at all - i think having the plaster come off my hand hurt more.

she took my temperature - me being an avid temper - told her what my temp had been that morning (i could have told her my entire temping history but she said she didnt need that much info!!)

once she was happy i was fully awake they wheeled me back to the ward and brought me tea and toast. the stitches in my belly button were bleeding a bit and sore when i moved - but the ones on my pelivc bones didnt even need a plaster and were tiny. i also didnt have any other pain - i just felt really groggy and a bit sick.

i had a huge sanitary towel between my legs when I woke up - which feels a bit weird that someone has obviously been 'down there' whilst you are completely out of it. i was leaking a bit of watery blood (sorry TMI) and some blue dye - but nothing too horrible.

then came the worst part...

i was hardly properly awake and so i can only assume that the lady next to me also wasnt - so the doctor came round and i heard him go into her to give her her results. he told her that they had found a lot of inflamation and that her left tube was damaged and her right tube was completely blocked. he said it so matter of fact - it was awful. so i heard the poor thing start to cry and say what does that mean and he said 'well on my notes it say recommend IVF" so she says 'so i cant conceive naturally' and he goes 'well from these results I would say no, but youll have to book a fertitliy appointment to find out more' and then he literally leaves her. it was awful. so the poor thing is sobbing her heart out behind the curtain next to me and i feel so sorry for her and so worried about my results that i start to cry as well. so the b***ard comes to my bed and i just cry 'please dont tell me I dont want to know' at him cos I am so upset about the poor lady next door. he looks really shocked - surely he must understand why we are there for bleedin sake and how much these results mean to us.

anyway - he tells me everything is fine. they cant find anything wrong and he even showed me a photo of my ovary ovulating - cos i knew it was going to happen some time around then and had asked the surgeon to look out for it.

so onv. i was really happy - but also absolutely devastated for the lady next door who was sobbing her heart out.

i felt so sick and couldn't get out of bed otherwise i would have gone to her - the nurses must have left her for at least ten minutes crying before someone went in and sat with her till her mum came. it was awful.
i understand they are short staffed but it was so sad to just leave her on her own

also - i really feel for her cos the fertility appt. are so hard to get - with a 4 - 6 month waiting list so the poor girl has months to fret about this.

it has made me so thankful and grateful that my results were clear. I have been given this gift of good news when this poor lady has had her world crushed - and I am going to thank god for it everyday.

anyway - they let me go home and i threw up all the way home in the car. once i got home i was ok as long as i lay in bed - but if i got up i was sick. i didnt feel like eating at all.

the next day i felt much better - i had no pain at all except for the odd twinge around my stiches and i still cant eat a huge meal without feeling a bit sick - so have pretty much grazed for the last two days. i also have gotten really tired and sleep like a baby on and off throughout the day. but all in all not half as bad i i had feared on the pain front.
also no cystitis at all - although a bit sore 'down stairs' when I sit down and wipe.

my DH has been lovely and my mum and sister stayed with me for the weekend - so am being very spoilt.

My DH has to go and do his sperm test at the hospital on monday and then we have another fertiltiy appt on the 25th ocotber to discuss the lap and his results (i booked it months in advance just in case).

he is a bit worried now that my results came back ok the problem might be him - but his other sperm tests have been ok before (the count is good but the morpoholgy isnt - but the doctors say that the count should outweigh the morphology but they cant to be sure) so hopefully everything will be ok on that front. my doctor also said after the lap at my next appt he would arrange for me to have an ultrasound in my luteal phase to check up on my short luteal phase and spotting - so hopefully i can get that organized next time we go - and then all my tests are pretty much done - and hopefully we can get on some waiting lists for IUI / IVF.

my cousin tried for three years - had a lap and got pregnant the month later - so am quite excited about next month - now am in the TWW with no symptons to obsess about which is lovely - and actually cant wait for AF to turn up for the first time in 2.5 years.

Apart from the sickess on the first day and still feeling a bit tired two days after it really wasnt as bad as I had feared.

Thanks you to all the girls who posted best wishes in my journal.

Bx x x x:hugs::hugs:
I'm happy for you that everything looked fine, I just had the lap & dye last week. Has your doctor ever tried you on Clomid? My sister had a short LP and her fertility doc did an HSG and when that was clear, put her on Clomid and the next month BFP (twins!). And she and her DH were trying for 1 1/2 years. I wish you the best of luck :)
Glad it went ok and the results were good :hugs: honey
Good god, your experience was shockingly similar to mine (by that I mean the woman in the bed next to you being told she would need fertility treatment)... how horrible it must have been for her, however the lady in the bed next to me spent 45 mins glaring at me (which the OH pointed out as I was drowsy..) she had obviously heard that there was nothing wrong with me (and that really made me feel like shit) and just like you, I saw a photo of my ovaries too !!!!!!! it was like reading through my own experience (minus the throwing up part !!!!)...

Glad youre ok and everything went well :) I had my lap and dye (and cyst removed) back in June, my follow up is in October where I am supposed to be put on clomid. I imagine that like me you will probably be put on that too ;)

Best of luck !!!

I am so glad that the lap went well, and you got the all clear so to speak.

How awful for the lady in the bed beside you. You've got to wonder sometimes if during medical training some of these doctors missed the session on bedside manner.

Good luck for your appointment end of October - it'll be here pretty quickly.

wow what a story! I feel so sorry for the lady next to you but thank fully your results are ok, I imagine im gonna follow the same path as you with my short luteal phase, dunno though, have you had anything done before this other than the "normal" blood tests?
wow what a story! I feel so sorry for the lady next to you but thank fully your results are ok, I imagine im gonna follow the same path as you with my short luteal phase, dunno though, have you had anything done before this other than the "normal" blood tests?

No - i had my day 21 and day 2-3 and then I begged to get the lap because everyone i had spoken to said it was the most comprehensive test - so i wanted to get it done all in one go with the dye as well to try to move things on faster.
at the next appt. i am going to sort out my ultrasound - and i thought i might ask for another day 21 test again just to be sure and get a second opinion - to make sure my progesterone is ok. failing that i cant see that there are much more tests they can do? just want to get on the IUI and IVF waiting list asap.

Bx x :hugs::hugs:
I am so glad your surgery went well!!! Hopefully now your :bfp: is right around the corner!!!
Hi Becki,

I have been rummaging around for some info on Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy because I am Scheduled for both of them on Thursday 12th March 2009.

Your thread was extremely enlightening and helpful. Thank you for sharing your experience, I feel I understand a lot more what I can expect this week.

I hope you get your sticky bean soon :hugs:

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