I am so sore :(


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Sep 1, 2006
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Is it just me, or is anyone else suffering one way or another with their BBs?

Mine are so sore I was hoping it would have gone by now, but NO.......they feel like they are going to bust out of themselves :cry:

I am using Kamillosan which really seems to help and is a god send, I don't know what I would do without it as I wouldn't be able to let myself go, I would have to hold them all the time :-= :lol:
hi...mine are pretty ok now and have been for this pregnancy but when i was pregnant with alexis oh god they were bad they grew and grew and grew and HURT holy crap....i didn't use any creams or anything tho just hardly ever took off my bra lmao i hope they start to feel better for you awww good luck :):)
I am the same, I hardly ever take my bra off, it is the main source of comfort.........hopfully it will all get better soon!

I need to get new bras too, I brought new ones not long ago and already need new ones again :roll:

Glad yours are OK this time round........mine wasn't as bad last time! :D xx
lol yeah as i recall i had to get three bigger and bigger sizes of bras :S it was insane lol and yes i do hope for your sake it gets better :) just hang in there it will end someday and you will miss your beeeeutiful boobies lol :D

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