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I couldn't believe it!


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Sep 1, 2006
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I woke up this morning at 6.30am thinking something was definatly wrong. It tok me a few minutes to realise that Frankie hadn't woken once through the night. She woke for her feed at 6.45 and then went back to sleep until 9.30am! This was after four straight days of sleeping from 11pm until 5am. I realise this may not be it but she is definatly working towards sleeping through. Jonny was 8 months before he did! Fingers crossed.
Wow well done frankie LouLou!!!

Fingers crossed she does it again tonight!
Bet that is a nice feeling,so lovely when they go through,chloe went through at 6 weeks old but then was a sod at 16 weeks got a clingy-bum but they are all different,she sounds a delight does Frankie aww bless her
Well it wasn't a one off! She slept until 7.45am this morning!!!!
thts fantastic hun!!!! tho i am a lil jealous :rofl:
well done

I have had day from hell!!!!

Amelia the little monkey went from 4am til 6pm AWAKE and crying been windy as hell,has only now dropped off poor thing.

I am so hoping she sleeps tonight I am shattered lol
Ha just when I thought everything was going so well. I went out last night I left at 5pm (I was acting in a murder mystery) and left all the instructions for OH. Expressed bottle 6 oz and left food. Frankie kicked up such a stink that OH rang me at 9pm apparentlt she had been cying for 1 and a half hours non-stop!!! I told him to get some frozen milk out of the freezer and give her that, another 4oz! She then went off to sleep. 10 oz of milk! WTF. I then fed her on both sides when i got home! Bloody hell that girl can eat. She slept until 6.45am. Do you think she is having a growth spurt?
Either that or the girl got hollow legs lmfao!!

Least she slept thru again !!
Thats great ! its a shock at first isnt it when they sleep through the night, i remember running into jamies room at 7am as he hadnt woke up all night and i thought something was wrong !! of course he was fine just sleeping away!!
Is this the time you catch up on your sleep too? lol

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