i dont believe it my temp has gone down AGAIN


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Mar 17, 2008
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day before last it was the slowest its ever been so we thought oh good ovulation it will probably go up now but no today its 34.14

i am just so confused now :cry:
i think u must be O 'in 2day !! do opk later on 2day,at least u got BD in anyways :)
Oh my, i've never seen a chart go up and down so dramatically. I think i'd be confused too if mine were like that - although i get confused easily hehe!
are you having cd 21 tests done?!
Wow those temps are really low. My temps dont usually go below 35.5 ish. Are you sure your BBT is working correctly? Just seems awfully low to me...I suppose if all of your charts have low temps like that then its just normal for you...Its amazing how our bodies are all so different!! Anyways the other temp dip could be an indictator of O today so I would do another opk for the next couple days. Im sure your temp will go back up! Good luck!! xo
where r u 2day??? sent u 3 pm louisa n u aint got bk 2me...mabye ur doin some wrk2day !! LOL
sorry about the delay for this guys and louise yeah i'm actually doing work today LMAO! lol

yeah i thought my temps were really low at the beginning of charting but someone said as long as they stay roughly the same i should be able to know when it dips and rises

well as far as i can make out this is the 2nd big dip so as some of you say 3 dips is ovulation maybe i need the 3rd
Yeah I'm in this boat too. I'm beginning to think I didn't O either. :cry: My temps haven't gone up by much and my cm isn't ew anymore and I've now got a UTI on top of it all!:sad2: So I'm beginning to feel like all of that was for nothing! :hissy: Sorry for asking this in your thread but can anyone take a look at my chart and try to make any sense of it? I'm not feeling good so I'm gonna go sack out for a while. Thanks ahead of time.
why does this all have to be so confusing.

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