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Discussion in 'Teen Pregnancy' started by mariep, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. mariep

    mariep Guest

    I have been going crazy trying to think of something to call baby girl, before we knew the gender, we had tons of boys names but no girl names. But anyway what I have to say is I'm in love with the name...


    but OH doesn't quite feel the same way about it. But everything I've ever said he hasn't liked, and the only name he has said is akeelee (i guess thats just how its pronounced) and it reminds me of a dog. I don't know how to convince him.

    Naming someone is so freaking hardddddddddd!

    Did anyone convinced there OH/DH and so on...??
  2. rainbows_x

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    Dec 19, 2009
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    It's funny you say the name your OH suggested sounds like a dog, the only Elsie I knew was my friends dog :lol:

    It took us age to come up with Ava's name. It was the first one I ever suggested and he never wanted it, we went roung & round and eventually it was the one he hated least, couldn't imagine her being named anything else! Have you thought about waiting until the birth? She might just look like an Elsie etc.
  3. Burchy314

    Burchy314 Guest

    What me and my OH did was I had a list of names I liked and then each day we would take a few off that me and him both werent to sure on. When we got it down to 4 names we both put them in order from 1-4 and we noticed that both of our 2's were the same so we went with that name. It took FOREVER to pick the name but we finally did it. We made sure we used a name we both liked even if it wasn't our favorite, but now I can't imagine her with any other name!!!!
  4. mariep

    mariep Guest

    Lol yeah, and theres Elsie the cow I guess. But the name he picked was because it was from his video game.

    Yes but if we do that I fear it will be unnamed for a long time, but this is the actual name that I like. All my other ones that I had were iffy; that I kinda liked but didn't.
  5. mariep

    mariep Guest

    I would totally do something like that, which we kinda did...but he crossed every name off the list.

    And then I said recently to him, what are we gonna do its not that long now, and he says we have time and I think he will want to do it last minute. And I don't want to be in labor and in pain thinking of names because he finally came around lol.
  6. we can't wait

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    Jun 2, 2010
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    I love the name Elsie, it's too cute! In the beginning I really liked the name Emma for a girl, but DH was totally against it. He really liked the name Evie, but it just doesn't sound right with our last name. So we did something similar to what Tina & her OH did. DH and I made a list of all the names we both really liked. If there was a name on there that we both decided just wasn't right, we crossed it off. Then we both made a list of our top 5 in order-- and in the end, we both chose the same number one name. :D
    Unfortunately, if your OH is completely against the name, you may not be able to convince him on it. It depends, I guess, on why he doesn't like it. Make you sure you pick a name that both of you are going to love. You still have plenty of time to think of the perfect name! Look on babynames.com or get a baby names book! You're bound to find something you both love! Good luck! :flow:
  7. xSarahM

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Our first boys name is Ledger, and at first i really had to really fight for it.
    I guess now he's just got used to the idea :haha:
  8. preppymommy

    preppymommy Guest

    OH persuaded me to use Samuel after he kept using it as our starbucks reservation name haha.
  9. airbear

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    Nov 23, 2010
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    I love the name Elsie. If we have a little girl her name will be Elsie. We haven't quite decided on a middle name. But i 'm not sure how much of a choice I gave OH on it. I basically told him I loved it and he didn't hate it so I think it worked out. He did say he liked Ellie better but since I liked Elsie so much he was okay compromising. Since I basically chose the name for a girl I told him he could pick the boys name. So far he's come up with Benjamin. We both have to agree on whichever name we settle on but I more so got to pick the girls name and he gets the end decision in the boys name. We also like Clayton and Judah. I like those better because I like more uncommon names.

    Also I had to beg my boyfriend to think of baby names and he probably didn't start until 28 weeks pregnant or so. You definitely still have time, but it sounds like you're like me and are afraid the name might get put off until you're so close and it's too late. He'll probably come around soon. Just keep looking at names and suggesting new ones each day!

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