I hate fertility friend!

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by ~Hope, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Jul 13, 2009
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    After much agonising I finally decided to drop the $45 for the annual FF subscription yesterday just so I could get it to analyse my charts - and I so don't like what it says!

    I was tracking myself here - http://go28days.com/Hope/charts/2009-08-02 and think that I Od on CD20 - kinda felt O pains and also *think* I got a positive OPK - it was definitely negative the day before and the day after.

    When I plugged my details into FF I left out the test and just put in the temps - and it says I didn't OD until CD24 - which means we stopped BDing way too soon!!!!!

    I tried plugging in the OPK and it pulled O back to CD21 - so either way I'm at least a day out but maybe 4. So I thought the :witch: would come tomorrow - but now it might be next Wednesday! :growlmad:



    I'm going to leave the two charts as they are and see which ones turns out being correct! If the :witch: does arrive then I'll be extra careful next month with temps and poas so that I know to trust the results.

    Anyone care to look at the charts and see which one you'd go with?
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    I am not much use on the charts, but I am nit paying the money either when its time to renew. Maybe its just me, but I can only see minimal benefits between the free and the costly versions.

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