I have a little baby inside me...


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Sep 4, 2006
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Went to the EPU this morning for my reassurance scan and the midwife was really nice.
She took me and DH straight into another room and told me it would be an internal but I left my modesty at the door ages ago.
So I whipped my trollies off and jumped on the bed :lol: Almost came off the other side too, slippery little bugger.
Nervous as hell I'd resigned myself to think negative and you won't get too diappointed.

As soon as she put the wand thingy in she saw the little heartbeat fluttering :D I couldn't believe it, we saw the little arm and leg buds and the yoke and the cord starting to form it was lovely.

I still can't believe it now, I'm so happy and relieved and now I can ring the Dr to make an appointment with the midwife :D

Charm X
hi hun im glad all is well heres to a happy and healthy pregnancy ive got my scan on friday to confirm dates as there was only a sac they could see three weeks ago so im a little excited good luck hun spunky xxxx
That picture is so clear,well done charm am thrilled for you....xxxx

really chuffed for you hunny, i knew things would be ok :)

Thanks guys, I'm gonna sit back and relax from now on and try not to stress.

Maybe teach myself to play the Piano that I bought last year. Poor bubs will have to listen to my bad playing :lol:

Charm X
Ohhhhh hun how clear is that picture! :dance: I am REALLY pleased for you :dance: x
i am so pleased for you honey, i truly am, its so clear and lovely....heres to happy healthy term for you my darling...bxox
awwww look at that pic!!!! that is wonderfull!!!! aaaargh makin me broody!!
Awwwwwww I am so pleased for you babe, that os brilliant news!!!! It is such a lovely feeling at the best of times, so how must it have felt for you?!

Great piccy too babe :happydance: x

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