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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by BabyBrave, Apr 14, 2009.

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    Hi girls.

    Well, bit of history first - hubby and I are on our fourth cycle after coming off BCP. I have never had even a pregnancy scare in my 34 years and coming from a "fertile" family it makes me very nervous.
    Anyhoo, at the end of last cycle DH and I had a huge row and I pulled the brakes on the whole TTC notion. After two weeks of talking and reprioritising we decided to give it a go this cycle. As it would mean a xmas bub we didn't go mad (no OPKs, or CM reviews), but I did use a bit of Preseed (I need lube - tmi).

    Anyway, af due on Sunday and I can't help but get hopeful. I reviewed last cycle and we BD with Preseed the day before I ovulated. In the TWW I had heartburn (never get that), and got pretty hopeful but then AF showed bang on her predicted due date and that was that.

    This month I've felt ok. Any "symptoms" I seem to be able to explain away. That said I've felt a bit rough in the mornings this last week or so (over tired? stressed about work?), and my left boob has ached on and off for about three days (single set of wimpy press-ups?). I keep explaining this stuff away to stop me getting excited but I'm loosing the battle. I don't want to mention it to DH as I don't want him to be let down.

    Sorry for rambling, I just needed to get it out there.

    Hope everyone's doing good today. :hug:
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    Good luck and hope you get your :BFP: x

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