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I Know This Sounds Stupid But ....

Spunky Cupkake

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Sep 14, 2006
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How many sleepsuits,vests etc have you bought to take into hospital i just cant remember and how many have you bought in first size and 0-3 i dont know if ive have too much my head is all over the place please help

spunky xxx
oh heck now ya asking :?
I think i took 5 of each in, remembered Emily throwing up on them :)
Ii think i took 0-3 in, yeah i did as they drowned him he was tiny and ended up getting some newborn and a couple of preemie when we came out
Hope that ramble helped
I have taken 4 newborn vests and sleepsuits and figured if she is as big as Chloe then Dave can nip home and get 0-3. It is hard isnt it though.

i took 3 vests and 3 baby gros newborn n they just fitted lol wish id take 0-3! maybe 2 of newbor n 1 of 0-3 just incase?
I took newborn for Jonny and they were too small. I took newborn for Frankie and they were too big. Each time I had to send someone out for something different!
lol i took callum home bare footed cos he peed on his only pair of socks i brought :oops:
Tam took 2 suitcases :? I'm guessing loads :lol:
lol @ Tam,sounds like her bless her.
2 suitcases!!! :rofl: i had a small holdall!!!!
LMAO don't ask me, I took a suitcase in for me AND one for Alfie as I have already been shamed above by Wobs! LOL!!!
I took in 5 of each and vickys mum ended up taking loads home and washing them for me as i ran out!!!

Take at least 8 then you prepared lol!!
I just bought a pack of 3 sleepsuits at the weekend and thats it. Had to get 0-3 month ones though as the new baby ones only go up to 10lb, well Noah was only a few oz shy of thet when he was born.

I think it depends on how long your planning on staying in hospital, are you likely to have a section or any other problems, will you have the option of someone elasily bringing you more if you need it, is the hospital close, etc?

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