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I`m so proud....or my last homework....


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Sep 11, 2006
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Topic:Tell your writing teacher about a social problem in your country.
Write 100-150 words. Include specific details about what you think your country should do to solve the social problem and why it exists. You should use a variety of tenses, structures and vocabulary to demonstrate your ability.

My writing with Corrections

I am not sure if this is a real "()(>>") social problem", but I am really concerned about the demoralisation in our country.

I do not view myself as an upholder of moral standards, but the moral concept of our society is increasingly vanishing.

People are not acting on moral grounds, but for most people money and power are more important moral sanctions. There are more and more mass dismissals to reach extra gains and to provide extra distributions of profit for the board of managers and the shareholders. They put up with the fact that thousands of people become redundant.

More noticeable is the loss of moral standards in private live(WW)(>>life). A lot of people are more interested in money and status symbols than in sympathy for the deserving. Thievery is item of the agenda in schools and brand awareness is a part of the " ()(>>")new" lifestyle.

It is high time to take influence on this development.

For the editing marks that I used show an incorrect word or phrase, please refer to the list at the end of this document

Overall Teacher Comments

Outstanding writing about your insight on the social problem in your country, you are using great sentence structure, keep up the good work and see you in the next level.

Writing Grade:97%

\:D/ :loopy: :dance:
tahts is great news welll done bet ur please keep up the work x :D
Ohhh well done nice mark there :dance:

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