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I wanna cry


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Oct 15, 2006
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The kids bought mea necklace but iam allergic to the metal

made all my neck sore

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Awww, does it have something on it that you can put on another chain you arent allergic to?
That is the thing it is a dog tag style with a grumpy bear stubborn dog tag on it on adog tag style chain.

Will see what i can door just wear it occasionaly
Aw then again someting like that is nice to just keep in a jewlery box as a keepsake, if you wore it you might break it or lose it.
Awwww bless 'em! x
That is so cute......Sorry that it makes your neck red....... :?
Tell the kids it's to special to wear all the time and your worried you will lose it so your putting it in your jewllery for special occasions x
yeah i said to the kids (in your advice thank you) that it is very special and i am worried the dog will catch it and break it soiwillwear it when we goout and when ihave meetings at the school.

It is ok for a few hours and then my neck gets sore
OOOOHHH.....Now that it is Winter, Wear it with Turtle Necks. That should work. :wink:
Suz said:
OOOOHHH.....Now that it is Winter, Wear it with Turtle Necks. That should work. :wink:

yeah Thank you for that you are all stars xxxxxx

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