Im in Co. Armagh looking for a buddy

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Sarah1987, Oct 4, 2008.

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    Hi Mary, my partner had his vasectomy for 12 years after his 6th child with his finally ex wife! Lol!

    They say if you have a vasectomy reversal within 7 years of having the vasectomy then you stand a pretty good chance, after that your chances start going down. My partner felt that it probably wouldn't work but the surgeon really did try his best and although he could only re-connect 1 tube he was still very happy with the outcome and gave us a 55% chance of it working.

    I think it is definately worth a go!

    All we did was went to the GP and asked if he could refer us to the hospital for a vasectomy reversal. That was in March, in May we got the appointment to go and see the urologist and OH had it done in the middle of August! Now wer just waiting on an appointment in November to go back and have the sperm test which is routine 3 months after surgery!

    Hope this has helped, if i forgot something or if you have any other questions just ask!

    Where abouts in Northern Ireland are you? An age gap is not a bad thing, there is 20 years and 9 months between myself and my partner! Everyone has their rough times but we've came through them just like everyone else!

    Sarah :hug:

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