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I'm new to here hehe

Princess Unicorn

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Dec 6, 2006
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Hello all!!

I'm Tara and me and my boyfriend of 3years, are trying to concieve numero uno. :) We have been trying for 19months now and i'm starting to get a bit concerned heh.
My boyfriend goes on the attitude of "It will happen when it is ment to happen" Thats all well and good but it doesn't really help me if you see what i mean.

I have heard of a herbal thing that can help with fertiliy, i think its agnus or angus something :blush: but i don't know much about it. Infact i don't know much about much when it comes to ttc. I know when i ovulate but lutreal (sp?) i have no clue off, my body has been acting strang for the past 2months though :roll:

Oh and this emoticon :bike: is cute!! Aww i wanna hug the one thats getting run over :oops:

Tara xx
The best thing when ttc is that if you are concerned about something, you should talk to your doctor about it. They may be able to help you. Other than that, there are many of us on her trying and everone here is VERY GOOD at giving support. WELCOME TO BnB......

Baby Dust :dust:

Hiya, Welcome to the TTC Forum.
I know the herbal thing that you are thinking of. It can help but its a good idea to go see the doctor to see if there is a problem and what it might be. Agnus Castus (however its spelled) can help some conditions but it wouldnt really help others.
I'd suggest 2 things:

1, see your doctor
2, chart your temps hun to see when your ovulating :D

Welcome to the mad TTC world :wink:

I have been TTC for nearly a year sadly with recurrent chemical pregnancies (loss) & 1 ectopic ordeal (best way to put it)!

I went to my doctor a month ago as i thought i was preggy then. We found out i wasn't and i told him my fears of not being able to conceive, he said i wasn't aloud tests done until i'm 25.

I will definatly chart my temperature, just need a thermometer hehe.

Thats for the replys girls :oops:

:shock: :?

Where are you from? Get another doctor!!! :shock:
Cheltenham :) I will request to see another doctor, but as its christmas they are all booked up :?
Anything is better than waiting until your 25!!
What a load of crap!! Im 19 and have been past seeing the doctor stage and onto consultant refferal.
Good luck TTC, but yeah, change your Doctor, there are so many bad ones about, and sadly you are another one who found one :roll:

Here's to the new year and a new start with a new Doc :wink:
Indeed!! Thanks hun! :hugs:

They are all fully booked up until after christmas, but i have put a request to move surgery's, my boyfriend has a great doctor, when we discussed with him that we wanted to try for a child he gave us all useful infomation. :)
Hey all an update i guess :D

Well still no luck, but I've got a doctor's appointment on the 30th for swabs to see if I have pelvic problems. One thing my boyfriend brought to my attention is that my periods have changed tremedously(Sp?) any reason why this would be? My cycle tends to be 30days but in October it was 19days long :shock:

This is getting on top of me now though :(

Tara x :)
i would keep on at your docters hun, the guidelines are normally if you haven't concieved after trying for 2 years they should start investigating to see if there are any problems. I know it is easier said then done, but try not to get too stressed.
What did you GP say about you trying for 19-20 montsh with no joy?
They said that me and my boyfriend shouldn't worry as they can't do anything til I'm 25. I'm 22 in march and my boyfriend is 24. :cry:
I've got the doctors on the 30th of this month so i'm gonna have words, if they still say that I think i'll move doctor's surgeries. My boyfried's one are very effective at sorting and helping people out, where as mine just doesn't seem to be bothered :(
Thats really crap, im 19 and i got help. Go change doctors.

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