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implantation bleed or not?


Sep 2, 2006
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I had what i thought was an implantation bleed, 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Was a bit of pinkish slime when i wiped and nothing since. Tested and retested (inc this morning) BFN, but also this morning i noticed a tiny (and i mean tiny) amount of browish/pinkish blood, thought AF hooray! stuck TP in. Went to change it, nothing, a dot of blood thats all and still nothing now. I dont know when my AF is due as iam bf, but if the first bleed was ovulation bleed (another posibility) could this implantaion this time round? :?
I've never had an ovulation bleed, even O cramps I think I got them one month & of course whist it can vary from woman to woman it can also vary between different cycles!

Do you know when you last had AF?

What test did you use?
My last AF was about 17 months ago lol, before i had my dd and i just used ebay cheapie tests
17 months! :shock:

Is there a reason? Sorry I don't know if I've missed a post!
I was thinking the same thing...just didn't like to say.

17 months is a long wait :-s

17 months because 9 of them i was pg and the rest is because iam bf. I do state that on the OP lol
I'm going to have to make a tit of myself! :oops:

You are bf? What does bf mean? :oops: An what does OP mean :oops:

Oh gawd *runs & hides in my corner*


Ahhhh :oops: :lol:

Well thats just makes the question a bugger to answer with no AF due to bf :lol:

Maybe a hint AF is trying to get through :idea:

Implantation sounds possible but with no AF .... Hope thing pat out for you soon. Either a nice surprise BFP or AF so you know where you are in your cycle :D
You just can't get the staff these days :wink:

:lol: :lol:
I am 6 days past ovulation ( 6dpo) too and when i woke up this morning i had cramps. When i checked my cervix i noticed i had light red spotting so i put in a tampon. my cervix was low and soft. 6 hours later i took out my tampon and noticed that the top of it was a tiny bit red and brown not enough to absorb. i put on a panty liner and nothing on it since then and its been awhile. all day when i whipe theres nothing i wouldnt even have noticed if i didnt check my cervix which is tmi but all of us ttc crazy wemon do it lol. Its night time now and still nothing on the pad or when i whipe but when i stick a q-tip in carefully theres brown spotting on it. No more cramps but no red spotting either. help im going crazy lol and im driving my fiance crazy too so thats wat brought me to here because i need wemon to talk to lol.

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