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Implantation HELP

Spunky Cupkake

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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi what does ovulation supposed to feel like ???

What are the symptoms ???

Would be gratefull if you girls could help

Easiest way to check for Possible Ovulation... Cervical Mucus... goes clear and stretches to more than a couple of Cm's.

Some people get cramps too.

Implantation pains are probably similar... i had them with my pregnancy last year, felt alot worse, only didn't realise they were implantation at the time

Sorry its not too helpful!!

Implantation or ovulation? :oops:

Spotting before AF would be due can indicate implantation after conception.

Ovulation is low abdominal AF like pains/cramps around.

And hello :hi:
Bit more info:

Pain in the lower abdomen, just inside the hip bone.

The pain typically occurs about two weeks before the menstrual period is due.

The pain is felt on the right or left side, depending on which ovary is releasing an egg.

The pain may switch from one side to the other from one cycle to the next, or remain on one side for a few cycles.

The pain sensation varies between individuals - for example, it could feel like uncomfortable pressure, twinges, sharp pains or cramps.

The duration of pain ranges anywhere from minutes to 48 hours.
This is great info Wobbles..... it confirms near enough that I do actually ovulate,

Your a star :) just need to get pregnant now.

Good Luck to all TTC'rs
Donna if you have doubts that you are ovulating I'd seriously suggest getting down to Boots buying the ferility thermometer & charting! Even if it's just for 3 months.

Good Luck Donna! xx

I always get the same really bad pain each mid cycle. I ovulated on 22nd September this month and then on the 26th i had the same pain again but much worse on the other side. It was so bad i was seriously thinking of calling an ambulance and i am the last person who would normally do that! Went to see GP yesterday about it and she said it is possible to release two eggs during ovulation (i know this anyway cos it has been seen during previous cycle monitoring that i've had) and this is how non-identical twins are produced. Really keeping my fingers crossed for this month as been ttc since my daughter Ellie was stillborn on 6th Jan this year. Has anyone else heard of this?
If your pain is severe & you are sure its around the day you ovulate I would serious consider informing your doctor Les!

Oh god, you've frightened me now. Why do you say that, any idea what it can be? Told Gp yesterday and she didnt seem concerned at all.
Its probably nothing as your doctor says but I'd of still wanted it checked out so I'm a bit surprised lol

I think its endometreosis that causes painful O day but then painful O day can be nothing it would mildly be a case of wanting it checked for me!

Ovulation pain can occur in women who do not have Endometriosis, but this pain will normally be a small twinge. In women with Endometriosis, ovulation pain can be rather acute. Pain usually begins 12-24 hours before ovulation and may last for a few days. It results from the normal enlargement of the ovary during ovulation which causes stretching of endometrial implants and adhesions lying on the surface of the ovary. The pain is often described as ‘stabbing’ and it may radiate throughout the pelvic area and into the buttocks and thighs
OK that don't mean YOU have it - Probably don't what I was saying was just informing your quack of this - I like to rule things out rather than sit pnicing over it for months if you get me :oops:
Yeah thanks for that. I know i have mild endemetriosis but it is very mild, they say not enough to cause any problems though. I'm having cycle monitoring at the moment too so have had two scans in the last two weeks so they would have picked that up too. I have my last scan and blood test tomorrow so i will ask them what it could be. Thanks so much for your help.
Oh you see there you go lol

Lots of luck x

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