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Sep 15, 2006
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How is Tam feeling. You guys are getting close to the Due Date....Tell here Hi from me.... :lol:
Hi Suz,

Tam's OK thanks for asking.

She is always https://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k245/t0yboy/tired-asleep1.jpg.

She's fed up of the ache's and pains.

The SPD is really getting to her now. Thursday was the worst day, she could barely walk.

She just wants it over now.

34 Weeks on Monday, so not too long really, but for her it's way tooooooooooooo long.

Thanks again for askin' about 'er

Hugs from me too! I've been thinking about her alot. Tell her the time will fly, it did for me. Soon you'll both be snuggling little Alfie, Just like i am with my gorgeous little Piglet. It's all worth it in the end.

It wasn't that long ago we were having our 3am chats!! :sleep:
LOL She do that to you as well Lynnie! :shock: She'd moan when I went to bed but she was in hers til late afternoon - lucky for some I work :lol:

Hope your better today Tam :hugs: x

We were both suffering from pregnancy insomnia. I was really glad to have something to do. OH was pleased I wasn't mithering him too.

I just fall asleep on her!

Sorry she moves on to you guys!

She's struggling to sleep now, still awake today at 7am!

Even when she does sleep the slightest thing can wake her.

We're hoping for an early-ish baby. Seeing Midwife tomorrow!
:hugs: I hope that this is over soon for you Tam! Then you can enjoy Alfie!
Suz said:
:hugs: I hope that this is over soon for you Tam! Then you can enjoy Alfie!
I agree ... then when hes 18 kick his ass :twisted: :lol:
tell her hey 4m me too!! and im only ever a nudge or a txt away if she needs a blether again!!!

oh and gie her a wee slap 4 scarin me the other day :p:p:p

Thanks all for your hugs etc. She does appreciate it!

She's back in bed now. been there since early afternoon. She wasn't too HP when I got her up for the Midwife this morning. - She didn't sleep (except 1hr) too well last night.

Midwifes was usual stuff, BP (Fine), measure baby (34cm), chat, and send you packing for 4 weeks.

Thanks again.

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