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    Do any of you have trouble getting to sleep at night? Sometimes, I really struggle to drop off at night. I'm fine once I finally fall asleep but sometimes, I just cannot get to sleep. I will be laying there for hours wide awake! This is when I will normally get up and have a glass of wine and a cigarette which will, without fail, get me to sleep. Does anyone have any tips for helping me to sleep? I couldn't get to sleep last night so got up and had a couple of drinks and a couple of cigarettes at midnight and felt really guilty after as I haven't smoked all week which is really good for me (and I really want to give up smoking and drinking, especially during the week). I have some Nytol but I don't want to take them just in case, if I am pregnant, it might do some harm.

    It's driving me insane. I've been like this for a few years now. I'd always have a cigarette before I went to bed because this always helps me sleep for some strange reason (although I'm sure it's all in my mind). It started when I came back from Dominican Republic. I was taking a course of malaria tablets which the Dr advised me to because there had apparently been a recent outbreak of it out there. When I came back, I would be laying in bed wide awake, sometimes until 5am. It only happens on work nights though which is why I know it's all in my mind. It's the paranoia of not getting to sleep and having to get up at 8am that keeps me awake! I've tried the herbal tablets, like Kalms, but these don't really work for me.

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