Is this normal at 19mo?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by LogansDad85, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Hello all,

    My son logan is 19 Months old. Im trying to figure out where he should be as far as language skills, and other milestones hes encountering.

    Lets start off with his history. Logan has been sick once with a sinus cold that lasted a week since he was born. he was full term 9 lbs 9 oz no birth problems what so ever his first word was " Dada " HA! anyways lol i cant really remember when he said it. he started walking like a 8-9 mos old i think it took him one day to learn to stand 1 more day to stand un assisted and later that day i held somthing shiny where he couldnt reach it and he stood up and walked like he had been doing it for years. he doesnt use a pacsifier he went from boob to bottle and bottle to sippy before he was a year old. he'll eat pretty much everything you give him unless its stringy. my problem is that he has said allot of words and even word combos like "look a clue" blues clues gets the gredit for that one. "sit down" hes yelled at the dog normal stuff like dog cat bird tree and several others. but the thing is i rarely hear him say things more than like one day. for example we taught him to say "thank you" he said it like a ton the day we taught him to do it but i havent heard him say it since. also i very rarely catch him saying mama or dada it regards to trying to get our attention. if hes playing he will run around saying "DADADADADADADADA DADA DADADADADAA" like that and he has to be really upset to even say "MAMA" he listens like if you tell him "danger" he knows to stop what hes doing or if you say "put it back" he'll take somthing back to a shelf that he wasnt suppost to have and put it away. he doesnt call for like somthing to drink or if hes hungry. i dont know what to think its like hes got the intellegence to learn things quickly but im affraid im doings somthing wrong. like im teaching him wrong when hes not forming words its mainly just baby jabber. other than that he'll somtimes throw himself down and have a tantrum which from what ive heard is normal. hes healthy. and if you count or sing abcs he'll sing it with you. im sure he has no idea what it means but im not sure what to think about it. is he learning and forgeting or am i just paranoid?

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