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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by ka_ox, Nov 12, 2011.

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    My body's confusing me :( sorry for all my posts but I need advice lol.

    Since having an internal (couldn't do a sweep as my cervix wasn't favourable) on Wednesday my body's gone silly.

    I've gone from having hardly any discharge, to getting watery discharge (not masses of it, but there is an increase) and it's sometimes clear, sometimes pale yellow. I get the majority of it at night/early morning. I also have protein in my urine, the midwifes unsure why though.

    Then yesterday I started getting cramping, you know the type you get when you have a stomach bug and have loose bowels? That. I did go to the toilet twice and it was loose, then I'm back to being constipated. But I'm still getting the cramping, I feel like I have alot of trapped wind, my stomach feels off and I feel like I could constantly be on the toilet with loose bowels.

    Anyone know what this is? I'm 41+2 if that's any help? Just confused and sick of this constant stomach bug type symptoms.

    Thankyou:flow: xx
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    Your discharge can get watery as you get closer to labour, pressure of baby bearing down on the vagina can cause you to make more natural lubricant than normal.

    Protein in urine can be a contaminated sample or Pre-E, if they were worried, they'd send it away.

    Loose bowels can be a sign of you 'clearing' out for labour. I had my sweep yesterday borning and cleared my bowels out in the evening.

    Sounds like things are starting to happen for you naturally.
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    I am not sure what's going on but maybe your body is preparing for labor. Hopefully that's what's going on.
  5. ka_ox

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    I hope your both right, I'd much rather go into labour naturally :( cmon body, work!

    And the protein in my urine isn't pre eclampsia or contaminated, it's happened for the last month so they sent it off for testing. I just wondered if it was related to the discharge :)

    My pelvis is hurting alot today aswell :(

    :flow: thankyou both xx

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