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Sorry you're having a hard time right now Josephine. Sounds rough hang in there not to much longer hopefully
Thanks ladies! It's so nice to have you all rooting for me! So I need some opinions....
If the sweep doesn't work what's everyones thoughts on induction vs waiting? The only risk of waiting is having a big baby/shoulder dystocia/tears etc. And obviously induction comes with all it's risks.. If I went for induction and it ended with assisted delivery or c-section I know I would be furious with myself. I just don't know what to do. @NDH I know you waited a lot lol, what's your thoughts? Sorry I always ask your input on this stuff haha x
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I don't believe in inducing for non-medical reasons (for *me*. I am so glad the option exists for others who would make that choice).

It's a highly personal decision with lots of factors to consider.

The most commonly touted reason for inducing by (Insert date here; it varies so much by region and provider) is the doubling stillbirth rate. But while the relative rate of stillbirth does double, the absolute risk does still remain low.

Having a big baby is not something that has scared me (even if I had any risk factors for having a big baby). Shoulder dystocia is certainly a risk of having big babies, and the below study focuses on risk factors.

But ironically, having an induction to make sure baby isn't too big and risk of shoulder dystocia is lower could actually end up increasing the risk of shoulder dystocia, compared to labouring with free movement and giving birth with gravity, since lying on your back for labour and pushing significantly increases the chances of dystocia occurrence (since baby has to go up to get over the pubic bone) and it's extremely difficult to achieve an induction with free movement and alternate birthing positions. Drs want you laying down strapped to monitors the whole time for both.
Tearing is also significantly less likely with upright birth, no matter the size of the baby.
But if you're not planning to labour and birth with free movement and gravity anyway, then dystocia and tearing from a big baby are certainly reasons to consider induction.

Induction risks include increased risk of cesarean (the Arrive study finding that 39 week inductions lead to a lower rate of cesareans compared 39 week inductions with later inductions, not with spontaneous labour. Inductions lead to an increase in cesarean compared to spontaneous labour) and a significant increase in the need for epidurals - but if someone isn't planning on trying to go without an epidural in the first place then that's not a factor to consider at all anyway)

I don't agree with inductions for the *doctors* convenience (women being pushed into an induction because the Dr is going on vacation is one of my big pet peeves), but convenience for the family is a consideration many have to make. Planning around spousal deployment/FIFO spouses, or needing to arrange childcare etc. Or living a significant distance from hospital etc.

Mental health is a factor to consider as well that could be on *either* side of the equation depending what the mom's anxieties are centered around. If she's terrified of a stillbirth or shoulder dystocia, heck yes mama get that early induction. If she has major anxiety around surgery then she's going to want to do whatever she can to reduce the chances of a cesarean and would more heavily tip the scale towards not inducing.

And then your own personal desire for the type of birth you want heavily influence how much weight you put on each of the risks as well.

There are truly too many unique factors to consider that no one can (or at least no one *should*) tell another person they should or shouldn't have an induction.
Wow thanks @NDH you make some interesting points!
I'm told where I am they like to induce at 41 weeks, but I was offered one from 38 due to the size of baby. He also has a head bigger than 99th percentile!
However I did deliver my last baby at 9lb 7 with only a second degree tear and just gas and air. With no problems at all. So I clearly can have big babies.
Is the risk of ending up with an assisted birth through induction just because ladies are more likely to take the epidural? I can't seem to find any info on that.
I wouldn't want an epidural anyway I would actively avoid it. I laboured mostly on my back on a bed with my son and was comfortable doing so but I wouldn't like to be strapped to monitors or have my option to move limited. I'm considering asking the midwife if I have the option of perhaps the pessary or breaking of waters but declining the hormone drip. It's the instrumental or c-section delivery I am most scared of.
Induction would certainly make planning easier though as trying to be constantly ready with the kids having all they need to go is starting to wear me down. Being on top of washing/drying kits and uniforms etc, constant lists for my mum and packing of bags to go.. Its like groundhog day!
Also we are a good 40 minutes drive from the hospital, and we will have to get a lift from my partners mum as neither of us drive. But then I feel like technicalities like that shouldn't influence my decision...
If your looking to avoid an epidural I wouldn't recommend getting induced. Was with my sister when she got one and she went from no contractions to intense contractions with only 30 seconds between them with no build up whatsoever.

Though for convenience I can see the benefit, especially if your anxious about getting childcare and to the hospital in time.
So my midwife appt went OK I guess. disappointing as last night I was up and down with a dodgy belly all night and had a few contractions this morning, was thinking it might be it but nope.
She couldn't do a proper sweep as not dilated at all... Well she wrote 'external os open, internal os closed' so she said she did a bit of a sweep but couldn't get all the way in basically. Frustrating. Wasn't as painful as expected though but maybe that's cos it wasn't a proper one.
Baby is now at 3/5 engaged though wheras last time he was on the brim and I'm effaced a bit to 2cm apparently. So he's going in the right direction at least!
At least there's been some progress from last time. I had contractions that stalled the night before I really went into labor. Hopefully its a good sign your close too.
Thanks ladies. Nothing exciting to report today. 39+5. Had a hot curry last night which worked with both my others but not a lot happening here so far!
Thanks ladies. Nothing exciting to report today. 39+5. Had a hot curry last night which worked with both my others but not a lot happening here so far!

Hopefully things will start up soon!
I feel so conflicted being sad my pregnancy is nearly at an end, excited to meet baby, terrified of the birth..
Wanting to go into laboor but also not lol. I'm rather emotional!!
I am feeling a bit better physically though, tolerating it more I think. Due date in 5 mins time lol
It’s so hard to get time to pop on these days. I do like to try and see how everyone’s doing. Charlie is 3 months old now. It’s going insanely fast and I really wish it would slow down a little. I’m still struggling hard with losing out on breastfeeding. 3 months on and I’m still getting very emotional about it with him being my last one. I hate feeding times with him because of this. He plays up with his bottles and I’m lucky to get 3oz into him. He still seems to be rooting when he’s hungry and it’s breaking my heart everytime because I have nothing there to give him now. I was so content whilst ttc and during my pregnancy with him being my last but I’m already finding myself wanting to try again in the future. It’s absolutely out of the question tho. Dh would never agree to another and I wouldn’t ever dare ask again. I feel unbelievably selfish feeling this way because I have 6 beautiful children and yet I still want to do it again. I think it hasn’t helped that with Charlie coming at 34 weeks and losing the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy when I wasn’t ready and losing out on breastfeeding due to 2 weeks being tube fed and then another week on oxygen for rsv, I feel robbed of the first month of his life. I was barely able to hold him those 3 weeks he was in hospital and with others feeding him I don’t feel he’s bonded well with me. When he’s unsettled others seems to be able to soothe him better than I can. It almost feels like sometimes I’m holding someone else’s child that I need to hand back over when he’s upset as he won’t settle with me. My breast pump that I’m still paying for is sat in its box because I have no use for it now. I wish so much I could rewind to the beginning with him and do things differently. Sorry to be a downer on here but I have no one who would understand in real life to talk to. Dh keeps mentioning that he needs to book his appointment for a vasectomy. I really don’t want him to do it but I can’t tell him so because I know he would be angry about it. I promised I would agree to it when we started trying for Charlie but it’s going to shatter my heart if he goes through with it.
@Laurabub84 sorry you're having a rough time. It's understandable to feel that way when what you were expecting didn't work out and you've had a stressful beginning to his life.
@Laurabub84 aww I'm so sorry you are feeling this way. It's totally understandable. My oh is already talking about getting the snip too and I would be really upset if he did. I think it's not saying I for sure want more but I don't want it to be completely off the table. Maybe broach it with your oh that way? Like you aren't saying you want to try again you just would prefer that he didn't do it right now until your hormones have settled down a bit? I know it would upset me a lot too if I can't for some reason breastfeed this baby :hugs:

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