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Judge jails sex shame teacher


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Oct 15, 2006
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A Shropshire PE teacher was today jailed for two years after admitting having sex with a 15-year-old pupil.

Neil Batkin, of Prees Green, Whitchurch, sent the girl flowers and took her to the cinema in Birmingham where there was less chance of them being recognised - before dumping her by text message.

Shrewsbury Crown Court heard that Batkin, 25, was in a relationship with another teacher at the school at the time.

Philip Lowe, prosecuting, told the court Batkin had taken the girl to his home where they had sex.

This school this happened at is one on my daughters list to start next year
:shock: Bloody hell!!! & dirty *******!
Not that i ever agree with what he did

but I think girls grow up too fast nowadays, some of these 15 year old girls dress like women, and can be very flirtatious. I just worry bringing a daughter up into this generation. U hear young girls on the bus talking bout giving their boyfriends blow jobs and how it tastes like fried pizza :shock: :sick:

But the guy is a dirty ******* :lol:
KX said:
how it tastes like fried pizza

how do you fry pizza, and I'm not sure if I want to taste it now :wink:
U get it in most chip shops up in Scotland... Haven't you tasted it? Fried pizza that is :rofl:
No, I feel like I am missing out :pizza:
I will send you some down to try :plane:
Theres a trial going on in gloucester of a teacher i know who has apparetn abused a postition of trust. He was/is a very nice well spoken guy... well we though so.. i'll post the deatils in another link

And about 5 yrs ago my history teacher was jailed for having sex with a pupil, he was gross!! found him very freaky and scary. Apparently he was having sex with this girl at the same time that i was attending :sick:

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