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Sep 1, 2006
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For those of you that have older kiddies that are in school, what are your plans for the summer hols?!

We are into the second week now, and Jade is loving it, but it will not be long before she starts moaning and wanting to do things, so we are thinking of a trip to London Zoo (as they never had the Gorillas there last year), a safari park near Birmingham, some space place in Leeds (I think) and there are 2 museums Jade really wants to go to as she is really into the Egyptians and Tutankarmun, and Legoland......PLUS if we have decent weather, trips to the park and picnics!
Isnt it soo expensive to keep kids entertained at Jades age?

Jees i dread it, a whole 7 weeks! Got a few years yet tho!Lol

Lucky Jade going to all those places xx
Oh KX it is a nightmare tbh......what we are going to do for next year is put the family allowance away so that she has holidays and things taken care of, but we say that every year :lol:

Luckily, she wants to do a lot of things that are free, but as you can see from what I put, there is also enough there for a small mortgage :lol: but hey only get one childhood, and you have to try and make sure they remember it for the right reasons........but if money is ever tight, she loves her picnics and games of rounders at parks and picnic areas, so we are lucky in that way! But it also looks like we are not doing a holiday this year, hence the reason we are doing a bit more for her ;)
Girls like shopping ...

Slouch nights with Mum munchies & DVD?
put her on msn an ill keep her amused :D loved speaking to her!!!!
Girls like shopping ...

Slouch nights with Mum munchies & DVD?

Jade HATES shopping with a passion, she would rather tidy up! :cry:

Yvanne, all that needs to happen is you come online, then you wont shut her up :lol:

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