Lake Tahoe Fire


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Sep 15, 2006
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There is a Huge Fire at Lake Tahoe. Lots of people have been evacuated from their homes and Lots of houses have been distroyed. Thankfully no lives have been lost. They do say that the winds will be picking up today so that is not good. I can see the plume of smoke from my houes. It is sad to see. The forest there is so beautiful.
Oh no thats awful, i hope the manage to control it before the wind gets too bad
You know, sometimes I wonder why people continue living or building in areas prone to such catastrophe. Then, I realize I'm smack dab in the middle of hurricane central and tornado alley. Won't be long 'til the wildfires start here too. It's already a scorcher! Hey, do yall have "rolling" black out's there? Here, they flip the switch for about 30 minutes in alternating locations on the grid to conserve energy. If you think about it though, it's moronic. After 30 minutes in with no a.c. in a Texas home, it's burning up. How much MORE energy to recool? Makes you wonder sometimes. BTW, are you close to Lake Tahoe? Be safe.
Im about 1 hr from there. I guess this is the biggest fire they have had since people started building houses. Sometimes we have rolling blackout. But I have not really had them at my house. Well atleast not while I was at home. I like where I live. Far enough away from the forest, Non flood zone. Say a twister once but your Idea of a Twister an mine are 2 different things. This punie thing didnt even tounch down. But it was way cool. So are you effected by the flooding right now. It looks so bad there... Was actually thinking about you this morning while I was watching the news. Should have a call to my brother (even though I dont talk to him) he is in Oklahoma with his wife and kids. Hope they are alright.
We've had quite abit of rain over the last week, but nothing major. The mass flooding is occuring northeast of us..few hours away. Thanks for asking though. Ever been to Texas? The closest I've come to Cali is Arizona. We DROVE there for Christmas before last. My husband is originally from there. For the first time in my life, I saw mountains. I almost started crying. LOL We have hill country, but nothing like that. I couldn't adjust to the climate...burning up all day long and freezing at night.
Well if you ever make it to California, and its the first time you will really see Mountains. I suggest you drive into Lake Tahoe area. It is the most breath taking view....
Wow, that is gorgeous! When I was small, we went on vacation to Yellowstone, but I don't remember it. The pics are awesome though. In Arizona, I freaked out driving on the edges of the mountains. I couldn't live there that's for sure. I'll stick to the flatlands. LOL

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