Language delay, hearing loss or asd?

Discussion in 'Special Needs Support' started by Klipsa, Mar 26, 2019.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a 22 months old son who I had absolutely no concerns about until my husband asked - should he be talking yet - and I realised that he hasn't actually said his first word yet. His development otherwise seems on track and our PHN was not concerned saying his eye contact is great and his play is age appropriate.

    We've had a tough winter with back to back colds and flu infections so I'm wondering if he has fluid in his ears? Our GP couldn't see inside his ears as there is a lot of wax in them, could this be part of the problem too? We are awaiting an ENT appointment in a few weeks and our PHN put us on a speech therapy waiting list at my request.

    He is a friendly social little boy who loves cuddles, dances to music and seeks eye contact when he wants attention. He plays well with other kids at playgroup but will walk away and play on his own after awhile. He plays peekaboo and knows when to make the right gestures when we are singing his favourite songs. He loves building blocks and plays puzzles and his attention generally is great.

    He doesn't point to anything when asked but he does have the pointing gesture, e.g. when he is popping bubbles or pressing the door bell button - he'll use his index finger to do that. He babbles mama dada baba tata - but not in context.
    He is a very fussy eater.
    He doesn't always respond to his name.
    He still doesn't sleep through the night.

    He is my youngest and his older sister (18 months older) can be quite jealous and overpowering and she talks for him quite a bit.

    He is a happy calm affectionate little boy but I'm such a worrier that I'm losing sleep over this.

    I have a lot of guilt and blame myself for not spotting his developmental delays earlier.

    Any advice/support would be much appreciated!
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    I don’t want to freak you out, but I feel like I just read a summary of my son, and my son was diagnosed with ASD two months ago. Try doing an MCHAT R online questionaire to see what the risk level is.

    Do not feel mom guilt. Hugs you didn’t do anything wrong. My pediatrician thought I was nuts asking for a referral. But I work as an elementary school teacher, so I’m more prone to noticing things and literally have lunch with two resource specialists every day.

    But yes a language delay does not always mean ASD
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    Having an older sibling who talks for you is a really common cause for delayed speech. It's also hard to reign them in over this as they are usually very well attuned to their sibling's needs so it's frustrating for them to see you "misunderstanding".

    Does your son babble non-sense most of the time or is he fairly silent? When my daughter started to talk she mostly used proper words when excited by seeing something or me specifically asking between a choice of two things. When playing with her toys she'd sound like she was talking to them because her babbling would have inflections, but it would all be nonsense.

    The fussy eating, not sleeping and not always responding to their name sounds completely normal for that age. Not having said his first word doesn't, so you are right to have asked for some S&L intervention in my opinion. Please don't feel guilty though; where I live you can get put on the waiting list till 20 months anyway.
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    Asd kids can be social, make eye contact, etc.....

    I'd still get an eval
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    Have you brought up your concerns with his doctor? I would get him evaluated for both hearing and asd. My second son is now 22 and is on the spectrum.
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    I would get him evaluated just in case. My son had definite red flags for autism (besides no words- not responding to name, not pointing, not following one step directions, obsession with opening and closing doors/cabinets) and he was diagnosed at 19 months. My nephew just had an evaluation done at age 2 (he has very few words) however he did not qualify for speech because his receptive language is good.

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