LO throwing up after Yogurt...

Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by krockwell, Jan 28, 2011.

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    My LO is 11 months (3 weeks shy from a year) I did BLW with him from about 6 months old - and he still BF's now.

    My question/concern is about yogurt. He LOVES it. BUT if I give it to him for breakfast, and then about 1/2 hr to 45 minutes later we go in the car, he'll THROW UP EVERYWHERE!! :shock:

    It's pretty nasty, and ONLY happens if he's had yogurt.

    Any suggestions as to why this could be? Or does this happen to anyone else?

    :dohh: :wacko: I'm not liking the yogurt vomit so much :haha:
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    Hi hun, I posted something similar in the bfing forum about my cousin. He's also BF & used to throw up after eating yoghurt. His mum stopped offering him yoghurt until he was 12.5 months & she started offering him plain yoghurt, & only 1 tbsp as a snack & not close to his main solid meals. He started to take it with no problems.

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