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Discussion in 'Your Health & Wellbeing' started by foxyroxie, Apr 19, 2009.

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    Hey ladies,

    I really want to lose weight, but finding it really hard ive got a really sensitive stomach (ibs) and im producing to much acid so on tablets from the doctors i cant eat pasta, lettuce acidy fruit like apples oranges etc etc i used to eat lettuce with everything i could but now it makes me feel really poorly so have cut it..

    I go on the wii fit when i can but its geting really boring when we have a car (Which should be with in the next 4 weeks hopefully) im going to try and get my ass to the gym but eating healthy wise i dont even no where to start without putting mysel in loads of pain!

    Ive got quite alot of weight to lose and i really need to get my but into gear and get loosing it lol! OH bless him does try and help but hes one of these people that eat what they want when they want and doesnt put a pound on!! so he finds it hard to help me but he does his best...

    Any help/advice wil be greatfully recieved lol! My stepmum is doing slimming world does anyone else do this??
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    ive done weightwatches b4 and it was fantastic !! never went hungry and u can eat wot u want, jsut have to stick to however many points ur allowed.......i went to first meeting got all books etc and did it at home, was great, still got the books guna do it again when babys ere :D

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