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    Hey guys,

    Looking for some advice we have been trying to concieve for 2.5 years following a m/c in 2009 and so far we have been unexplained. I got a letter from our consultant on friday saying my ovarian reserve was low at 5.7 pmol/L for my age (im 27). Ive done some research and looks like this means there could be issues with egg quality and quantity and its obv on the lower scale of low (2.2-15.7 classed as low fertility).

    About 1 hour after recieving the news I got another letter from the NHS saying that I was top of the list for treatment, this will be for IUI however I've heard this might not be an option with low ovarian reserve.

    Does anyone know if they are likely to carry on with IUI with a result like this? Or am i likely to be referred for IVF? When i called the hospital regarding the letter about starting treatment I told them i had recieved news my AMH was low and they just said it would be retested at my counselling session which you get before treatment.

    I feel like ive been waiting on IUI for a while but im scared to get to excited that we are at the top in case its cancelled. :wacko:

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