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Aug 31, 2006
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You guys had lunch yet I'm tempted (& have been for agers) to have a Cheese McCoy crisp sandwich with phildelphia & ham :twisted:

Just can't be bothered making it!!! :rofl:
4 lunch i had cereal!!!!(cant seem 2 stop eating my bran flakes!!!)
i just had breakfast hehe

i think for lunch i will just be having mcdonalds :? i don't really like mcdonalds :( but its the only place to eat near wal mart
Oh we were talking about Macs a few minutes ago we don't have any near us :( I'd love one right now!
ooooh you can have mine lol i worked there :? ate waaaaay too much lol

i'd rather your lunch soooo much lol
Just not had one in time! :(

Can't wait to move tehre better be one :rofl:
lol i'll cross my fingers for you have lots of them in the uk area?? we have way to many here...i'll see if i can ship one over to you lol
Loads but our wee town is small no burger king macs or kfc :sulk:
I've just eaten a full bag of white chocolate mice :oops:

thats it for my dinner lol
MacDonald's?! :sick: They did this fat awareness thing at our gym a couple of months ago where they showed how much fat was in certain things. There were 3 test tubes full of fat in a Big Mac and that's not counting all the fat in the fries. Horrid, horrid, horrid.

Had some left over homemade Chicken and Leek Pie with Mustard and cheesy crust. Now, that's more like it! :lol:
yuck hate mac ds!!!! burger king and kfc all the way!!!!! even better jimmy chungs(chinese buffet)
mmmm chinese is soooo much better lol....

Helen yuck lol you ruined my lunch!!!!!!!! will have to carry alexis down the road now lol (not bringing her stroller cuz its too much pain pushing a cart and a stroller) ah well tho theres a subway by there :D
I had a jacket potato with tuna, thats it im on a diet an im starving :( (ok not starving just hungry :lol: )
Mmmm we like jacket potatoes & salads in our house :p
I lurve jac poatatos and salads. For my lunch though i usually have sandwich or salad or jac potato with chrisps and a choc bar, ive cut them out though!
Ok so i'm the only one who ate complete crap for their dinner :oops:
I wudnt think crisps an phildelphia on bread was the healthiest option :p It wa snice when I managed to move :lol:
Ok so i'm the only one who ate complete crap for their dinner

Aren't white mice full of calcium? Sounds like a healthy dinner to me. :lol:
:D Ooh i like that idea :D
Yes i had my full quota of calcium so are very healthy

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