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Made some decisions


ICSI Twins + miracle BFP
Aug 31, 2006
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Made some big decisions yesterday on big stuff to buy, especially as lead time for ordering some of it is 8 weeks and actually that's not all that far off them arriving now :shock: (well 14 weeks to go really)

Decided on buggy:

Maclaren Twin Techno

Car Seats:

Britax Cosy Tot Premium (came out best in latest Which survey)

and cot-beds:

Kidsmill, big chunky pine ones

Look a bit like this

Just got to build up the nerve to go and order it all when we'll see that total figure for the first time. :argh:

Feel relieved to have decided at last as people keep asking us if we've bought anything yet and then looking horrified when we say that we haven't bought anything at all! :lol:
Oh lovely babe......good for you, it is a great feeling when you start shopping and deciding on bits isn't it? Have fun! x
Wow hun, you really need to get a wriggle on don't you??
The cot bed is very similar to one i have just bought Jack
Really solid and Chunky £70 from Ebay Bargain brand new with matteress

I left it late with Jack though this time, think i was about 30 weeks when it hit me i had hardly anything so got most from mothercare!!! all in one go
I didn't buy Jonny's cotbed until after I had him, is that bad?
No not really lyn ... maddie had no formula or sod all till after i hd her lmao!!
We still haven't got Alfie his cot, we will get it nearer when he is 6 months old and we will be then thinking about putting him in his own room :)
have you checked out freecycle website - you can get some good stuff for free there and also put posts for wanted - even if second hand it will save you pennies.
Lol dont worry we only just started buying stuff for new bub this weekend, Kinas early arrival sort of shook me into getting my arse in gear, so at the weekend I got all the essential stuff like maternety pads, breat pads, disposable knickers etc lol!
I got nothing this time around yet ....

Will leave it right to the last minute knowing me ... will have a look after scan and i have a clue what im having lmao!!
I love that Maclaren Twin , we was going to get that, its so nice to push about, really light and easy :)

Well, been and ordered everything today. Got quite a good discount so I was pretty pleased. Plus I feel relieved to have sorted the big stuff out.

Decided that we will put one of the cot beds in our room and put both babies in there together rather than going for moses baskets. Will probably put the other one downstairs early on. Think that'll work?

Next job is to decorate the nursery which OH is planning on doing over Easter weekend.
Oh Helen you just reminded me, when I was looking for a moses basket the otherday on ebay I came across a moses basket for twins! Ihad never seen one of them before, have you seen them?
What a great Idea cat
there is something similar on here
that any help helen?
Will probably put the other one downstairs early on.

Just bear in mind you will probably have to dismantle the cotbed again to get it up stairs as it probably won't fit through the doors in the house.
Like the sound of a twin moses basket but hadn't seen them before. Must be bad surfer cos I couldn't find them on that site either Jo.

Did spot the "Twin Mummy - Twice as Yummy" t-shirt which I thought was ace! :lol:

Thankfully OH is pretty handy with a screwdriver so he should be ok dismantling the bed if we put one downstairs.
they were more cribs than baskets on that site hunny
I think you should order that T-shirt
and aren't them cots brilliant?

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