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Feb 21, 2007
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Hi Girls, just wondered, have any of you started wearing maternity clothes yet?

I've just bought my first few things from today, because even at only 11 weeks, all my clothes are uncomfortable. I originally bought size 16's (normally a 14) and they are alright, they fit ok, but the waist band really digs into my abdomen when I sit down and is so uncomfortable. I had to unbutton my jeans in mcdonalds this morning when i had breakfast, because they were pushing on my tummy so much (please no sarcastic comments of laying off the mcdonalds breakfasts !! LOL ..... it's my first in a long time ... honestly !! LOL).

Anyway, I bought myself some Early Days under the bump jeans and Cargo pants at £20 and £30 each. Not exactly cheap i know, but I figured i can sell them on. I also got a couple of plain black long tops for only £6 each.

So what are you girls wearing??

Naimi xx
Yep, I've got some jeans, not been able to fit in my normal clothes since I was 7 weeks! Got a pair of jogging bottoms too. I alternate between them and a skirt, lol
I got some stuff from Littlewoods & Bonprix. Some maternity alot not. Maternity wise you get your own size. I did and some stuff (liek the jeans & track bottoms) are only just fitting. I got some other pants none maternity from Peacocks.|0|&qu=953059J|0|&qu=945797J|0|&qu=9706710|0|&qu=9708910

I bought some under belly jeans with a top:

2 pairs track pants

2 loose strappy tops

a light cardi (black)
Me i was that chunky i never got outta mine before i got PG again lmfao


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