May I ask a Q of you BFPs re cramps?

Discussion in 'BFP Announcements' started by KIALea, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Nov 10, 2011
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    Firsly I wish to congratulate everyone who has made it to this forum, I hope you have lots of sticky beans and a happy and healthy 9 months. :happydance:

    I just wanted to pick your brains about some weird feeling cramps that i had yesterday. They came on at about 2pm yesterday afternoon, at first i thought it was af on its was as she is due tomorrow 14th but ive never had af cramps prior to af being in full flow. I asked hubby if he remembers me complaining of period pains before i was actually on my period and he said no.

    I experienced some spotting on 6-7dpo (brown cm enough to need a panty liner and only in the morning over 2 days TMI Soz) so i dont think this was af as it was way to early as last month she was 14 days after i O'd.

    I had a constant ache in my uterus which was uncomfortable but not too bad, not as painful as af cramping. But on top of that constant ache i also had sharp stabbing 1 second pains to the left of my uterus, they would make me jump and hubby kept asking my what was wrong, these happened between every 20mins or so but when i went to bed i felt 3 stabs in about 10 mins, maybe because x factor wasnt distracting me on the tv. all in all about 8 hours of these cramps.

    I woke this morning and the pains had vanished, and ive not had them since (its now 18.30). No af either. Anybody else experience these unusual pains a couple of days before their missed period? Im hoping its a good sign!!

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to answer. :flower:


  2. SarahJane

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    Jun 8, 2010
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    Yes, cramps are pretty common in early pregnancy so I hope it is a good sign for you x

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