Midwife app between dating scan and 29 weeks??

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Club' started by Jade--x, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Jade--x

    Jade--x Guest

    I had my booking in midwife app..Then my dating scan because I found out so late..And then had to ring up to get my downs syndrome results back as they didn't send me a letter..And my midwife hadn't booked any app to go back to see her..And when I rang up to ask about it..She said she doesn't see me again until I'm 29 weeks???

    I know I'm not a first time mum but I don't feel like I'm being cared for at all!!

    I was in hospital the other week with baby related problems and they had to put me on observation..None of it has gone in my blue book notes..And I bumped into the midwife while I was waiting to see the GP the other week and she didn't seem at all interested!!

    My GP was the one that told me my booking bloods had come back and that I need to have a rubella booster as soon as baby is born because its come back as low immunity..But I thought that was my midwifes job??

    I asked my GP if it was supposed to be this long between midwife visits..As I was seen every 2 weeks with my 1st..And she said she didn't know it's all been changed now.

    And with my medical history (hyperemesis..preterm labour twice that they had to stop..depression) I thought they'd be looking after me and bub alot better than they are!

    Anyone else had such a gap between appointments or is my midwife just totally crap???
  2. GersPrincess

    GersPrincess Mummy of 3, soon to be 4!

    Feb 5, 2009
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    Yours do sound pretty crappy given your past experiences. I would have thought there would be a little more care towards you.
    I saw my MW at 8 weeks for booking, 22 weeks today and despite her telling me today that my blood pressure is 90/50 and very very low, she won't see me again till 34 weeks. In fairness though, I have to have an anti D injection at 28 weeks, and a growth scan at 32 and 36 weeks so I'm not as adandoned as you are!
    In my last pregnancy though, I couldn't get an appointment with my midwife for 34 weeks and was almost 41 weeks until her first free appointment !! It was blamed on there being too many pregnant women and not enough midwives, and seeing as I'd been through it all before, I didn't need them as much as first time mums! Obviously we aren't allowed to have concerns or worries once we've had one!
  3. kaydenjayla

    kaydenjayla Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2011
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    i seen mine at 8 weeks
    (daing scan) and again at 16 weeks and then i see her at 25 weeks then every 3weeks after that it sound like your waiting a very long time inbetween app but you can call you midwife centre at any time or go see your gp and tell him your not happy with your midwife and he should refer you to another on

    claire xx
  4. Jade--x

    Jade--x Guest

    I've asked for another midwife but she's the only one for my area apparently. There's only 3 medical centres in my area (littleover, west end, and heatherton) and she is the one that does them all. She's totally useless I had to tell her my blood group because she didn't have a clue. And she asked me if anyone had given me my booking blood results when it's her job. She's only early 20s and doesn't seem to have a clue what she's doing!! Maybe if I put in a complaint they'll get another one?

    I was at the hospital last week for my anomally scan and I'd been referred to consultant because of the complications of last time and I'm absolutely terrified about this pregnancy and especially the labour my last one was something out of a horror film!!

    My blood pressure was 40 something over 60 something which they said was really low..They said the baby could be a big baby (like last time) and I could have the same complications as last time (but they can't say for definate) but that they're just going to leave me with midwife led care and if she has any concerns she can refer me back. I explained my midwife being useless and they basically said that's just the way it goes I'm afraid.

    I just wish I could afford to pay private I don't feel looked after at all :(
  5. littleblonde

    littleblonde kacey and sophie

    Dec 5, 2009
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    This is my 2nd and i was seen 16 weeks and not till 28 weeks then its 4 weekly for a while. For my 1st i wasnt seen that much more. It does depend on area
  6. tessica123

    tessica123 Well-Known Member

    Feb 19, 2010
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    i have seen my mw more this time than i did with my 1st!!

    is the hospital close could you not ask to be mw led care at hospital you can at mine as i checked when i was having my 1st as i was so pieed off at how id not seen my mw

    she was

    off sick
    on holiday
    off as he partner passed away

    i know none can be helped but we didnt even get a cover mw just told any probs call doctor or hospital
  7. special_kala

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    Nov 8, 2008
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    Ill be seen at 18 weeks and not again until 28 weeks. I think its routine
  8. Jade--x

    Jade--x Guest

    I live closer to the hospital than my doctors surgery believe it or not but the hospital don't do the antenatal care like at the doctors surgery..The only ones that are there are the ones that work with the consultants when the consultant led patients are there and they take their blood pressure.

    Apparently there have been alot of complaints in our area about antenatal care in general.

    I'm sure it's all these spending cuts they're making but they're cutting in all the wrong places..
  9. laura3103

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    Feb 27, 2009
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    i saw mine at 8wks,16wks,25 wks and then i will have to see her everyweek from next week because of high bp in previous pregnancy she is a right misrable cow and when i told her that the consultant told me i need to see her everyweek her face was like thunder and said WHY?? i knew she would be like that as when i was pregnant with gert i had to do the same after being discharged from hospital she was a right witch towards the end.

    oh well my wednesday morning are going to be so much fun sitting in the doctors with all the ill people waiting to be called normally an hour after my appointment time.

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