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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Momto4monkeys, Oct 9, 2013.

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    So yesterday I had a regular Dr appointment. My blood pressure was pretty high, and it remained high even after they took it 4 times throughout the appointment. She asked me to go to the hospital for some blood work and a few other tests. I was in the hospital for about 2 hours. They gave me some medicine, and finally got my BP down to an "acceptable" number. It wasn't a normal number for me, but it was a number the dr said she could live with.
    While in there I did not have any physical examinations done, but I did have a few pretty good Braxton Hicks that my OH and I got a kick out of, watching the numbers on the machine go up and down with them.
    We then went about our normal day.
    Hours later, I went to use the washroom, and was surprised to see pink when I wiped. So I wiped again and there was a bit more. Nothing major, not bright red, but a definite pink colour. I am 34 weeks tomorrow.
    Throughout the night my BP was a bit elevated. (I have my own BP monitor)
    We went for an after dinner walk (need to walk to keep my gestational diabetes numbers in check) and when we came back, there was a wet pink spot in my underwear.
    Fast forward to this morning, no more pink, but my BP was a bit elevated so I just took my medicine (which was increased yesterday) so we'll see what happens.
    I've noticed my Braxton hicks were/are occurring more frequently than they were a couple of days ago, could these be affecting my cervix causing it to bleed a little? Like I mentioned I didn't have a vaginal exam and we have not DTD in quite some time. So there's nothing else to attribute it to. The pink did not look like part of my plug, it was not mucousy. It just looked like pink mixed with regular discharge. Oh, and I should mentioned too that yesterday/this morning, I have slight cramps...the type you'd get right before having diarrhea....but I was able to "go" yesterday and it was not diarrhea....soooo, I'm stumped.

    I am a bit I said I am 33 weeks, and with my last baby I developed Preeclampsia at 33+2 weeks, and subsequently had to be induced at 34 weeks.
    Any ideas about the pink?
    I am going to the hospital this morning for a Biophysical Profile to be done, so I hope everything is ok.
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    No advice really hun, just hope you got sorted with your monitoring. :hugs:

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