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Mortgage Question


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Aug 31, 2006
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Kina I seen you say on Imi's thread you had to lie - Can I ask how/why even little details! If you don't mind! :oops:

See I have an 'ok' fair wage from my fulltime permanant job but ya know I work from home so thats a bonus (sometimes) my OH can't prove his wages so how do we get around this does anyone know or have any suggestions?

Renting is just dead money :o
Is your OH self employed? Does he have to submitt tax returns?
Not sure how it all works K - Its a new business & not earned or earning enough for something or other - I'm clueless on it :oops: Of course lots of receipts in the pot for busines expenses :wink: :lol:

I see many mortgage companies saying - No proof of income so people must be the same? :?
Just quickly because Ella's awake - basically we can go up to 85% of a property value with the mortgage and self certify how much Matt's earning. So the Mortgage Advisor will fill in how much he needs to earn for us to get that size mortgage, we sign it and we get what we need, no payslips required. But we have to have a 15% deposit, so we are limited to what we can go up to. However what we would need for the house I spotted today is a repayment that we can afford (is interest only though which is what we need til Matt's fully qualified and we can pay off capital and interest).

You'd be best to speak to a decent Mortgage Advisor as they can get you what you need, we wouldn't have known how to do this without talking to one.

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