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Movements but no kicks?


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Jul 8, 2008
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Hi Girls,

So for the last few days ive been feeling LO move around but ive had no kicks??
At first i thought he was having a few quiet days but now im wondering if its normal not to feel him kick??
I can feel him move so im not too worried!! As anyone else had this ??

Thanks Girls xx
My LO has never really been much of a kicker, more of a puncher or wriggler. Now he is bigger my movements are much less but the midwife has always said that this is nothing to worry about. Some babies just dont move as much/in the same way.
katie doesnt really kick as much anymore, its just more of a wiggle and then just bits sticking out!! its a bloody shock when she does kick tho!!
My LO has always kicked quite a lot, but by the third tri they have a lot less room to move around so you're less likely to feel kicks as they don't have the room to stretch out. Now I get movements, and see my tummy moving but they aren't huge kicks anymore.
yes! I had exactly the same concerns. Baby just gets either too big to actually kick anymore or maybe is facing inwards so you can't feel them at the moment. As long as theres at least 10 movements a day its all fine. x
thanks for your replies girls :) Youve put my mind at rest it makes sense that he prob hasnt got alot of room to kick. I see my MW wed so ill mention it too her aswell to see what she says!!
My baba hasnt 'kicked' since about 25weeks more wriggles due to running out of room. Now he hardly even wriggles just wiggles his legs or arms etc as there aint no more room in there :) XxX
same happened with Hannah in third tri!
Yea thats the same, i just get turns so he moves onto his otherside or moves his butt to sticking out :lol: like others have said just not much room in there anymore.
Mines The Same Hun. I Just Get The Rolling Over Feeling Now. But Do Get The Odd Kick Every Now & Again. And Let Me Tell You, She Don't Half Belt Me. It Hurts, Lol. :lol:

If I Don't Feel Her Move. I Poke Her And Try To Get Her To Move That Way. She Does. So Then I Know, She Was Just Chillaxin! ;)
If you're feeling the baby move I wouldn't worry. The kicks could be going in a direction where you are less sensitive because of the baby's position.
yeah she mostly just wiggles around and drives me nuts :rofl:

When she does kick, it always startles me and I'm like "oh my god!" outloud. She's guaranteed to kick though if I rest my arm on my bump
Yep, i am finding the same recently. Almost like she is wriggling around and only n occasional kick / punch!

Aslong as there's movement, i think we are ok!
Same with me....I dont get many full-on kicks now, just that weird turning round feeling that makes me feel a bit sick! Oh, and hiccups galore....

Anyone else feel like baby is blowing bubbles in there sometimes too?

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