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Moving House whilst pregnant

hahaha i dont need a drink i already feel ligt-headed and dizzy from the shock lol!!!!
Terrie said:

the deposit and all our legal fees (totalling £5000 :shock: in all)
went out of our bank account today!!!

scary shit.....

£5000??? ive never had that in my bank account let alone spend it!!! :shock:
Yvanne said:
Terrie said:

the deposit and all our legal fees (totalling £5000 :shock: in all)
went out of our bank account today!!!

scary shit.....

£5000??? ive never had that in my bank account let alone spend it!!! :shock:

my dp has been saving every penny for the past 3 years!!!! its been in his saving account ... untouchable until now!
ready for a big rant girls!?

we were ment to be moving house on the 27th October (last Friday).
our solicitors rang us on the wednesday to tell us that there was a problem with the paperwork... not on our side... and that needed to be sorted before we could move.

later on wednesday our solicitors rang us to tell us what the problem was...

ready for this?

the couple who we are buying the house off are divorced and he is now in the army and based in Cyprus.... this we knew already...

we were told that his mother had power of atterny, meaning that she could sign all the forms on her sons behalf so we didnt have to send forms over to Cyprus.

last wednesday we found out that she DID NOT legally have power of atterny... therefor all the forms (including the contract) were not filled out legally since they were not signed by him.

you would think that this could easily be sorted by sending the forms off to cyprus to get them all signed by him...

not so simple...

he is in the army and 'APPARENTLY' cannot be located...

where does this leave us?

a) with £5000 sat in somebody elses bank account
b) no contract signed
c) no moving in date
d) a baby on the way

..........and all of our belongings packed in boxes

seriously im gonna have a nervous breakdown by next week
Awwww babe, what a pile of cack!! Just what you could have done without at a time like this :roll:

I hope it gets sorted very soon babe and you can get moved and settled in time for baby *fingers crossed* :hugs: x
still cant locate the guy who owns our house...

we're giving them till friday or we're pulling out

im so upset

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
OMG what a nightmare. This is the last thing you need. You would have thought the blokes solicitor would have checked the power of attorney, he sounds like a bit incompetent to me. I feel a large complaint coming on if this isn't sorted by Friday and a claim for compensation. I hope you get it all sorted you do need this now. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

yay we located the guy who owns our house and he's signed all the paperwork etc...


now theres more......

they sold us the house for less than what they bought it for so now they have to come up with the extra cash. how long is this gonna take?

the baby is due in 26 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe the hassle you having to go through. Please be careful all this stress cannot be good for you or tha baby. I'm surprised with all the hormones coursing around you body you haven't been down to the estate agents shouting and ranting, I don't think I would be able to control myself.

keep us posted and I hope everything is sorted soon.

everything should be sorted by monday apparently...

only coz i shouted at them today on the phone!

so with 20 days in counting and pains already it looks like we're finally moving
Awwwwwwww Terrie, I do hope this is it for you and by some miracle you manage the move before baby makes an appearance!

You must be beside yourself now babe :hugs: x

but we arent 'officially' moving in until next week as Natwest need 7days to process the mortgage.

but at least we can do some work on the place this week and decorate etc.

17 days to go until the baby is due!!!!!!!!
ok i take it all back

we're not getting the keys early as the guy who lives in cyprus would have to sign forms ... and he cant do that coz hes in fucking cyprus.

so now we cant get in the house till the 1st of december.

the baby is due on the 7th and ive been havin serious twitches all day

im so stressed out i want to cry
i need this house now, i need the nursery sorted, i need to have a home for my baby to come home to.

what kind of mother cant even provide her child with a nursery?? :cry:
My husband was frantically decorating the nursery for our ds while we were in hospital. He arrived 4 weeks early so it wasn't finished. Terrie you will be a great mom. Children need love and hugs, a nice new nursery is lovely but a newborn is more concerned about having clean clothes, clean nappy, food and cuddles. If I remember correctly you are living with OH parents. So long as baby has somewhere to sleep its ok. I know you want everything to be perfect especially as its your first ( I assume), but mummy is all they really need. Please try to relax and chill for both your babys sake and yours. Your twitches are probably your bodys way of telling you to try and take it easy. We are all here for you. Sending you big hugs :hugs: :hugs:
Hu I fully sympathise with you. We are ment to be moving now on the 1st Dec. But everything seems to keep going wrong. Ithink Xmas will be spent living out of cardboard boxes and we will have no chance of getting as far as getting the kids rooms done in time for when this LO is orn, as we have the whole house to redecorate and plumb. I will have to get by looking after Noah for 3 days with no heating or hot water in the middle of winter!!

It all sucks. All I can say to help is that it wont be long and you will be in, and all this crap will be a distant memory. You will brob have LO in a moses basket in with you to start with, so I wouldnt worry about rushing to have the nursery done untill your ready. Its all exciting and stressfull at the some time, but you will get there and it will be fine!

Chin up girl, Im sure come mas we will be laughing about the whole thing!

we got the keys to the house even though its not legally ours yet...

we are just waiting for one piece of paper from cyprus then we can complete and move in

so anyway... we got the keys and went round to our lovely new house

which now doesnt seem so 'lovely'

ready for a rant?????

we are on a meter with the electric and gas and when we got to the house there was £30 worth of debt on the electric meter :shock: this was becau7se the previous owner owed Scottish Power money so they were taking it off her meter every month! so i had to buy £40 worth of electric just to switch a light on!

the leak that we knew about in the bathroom we discovered was worse than expected and we've had to buy a whole new toilet :shock:

we started painting the nursery (just painting over the wallpaper) and all the wallpaper started coming off the wall :shock:

we found that the radiator in our bedroom has a leak and we will need to buy a new one :shock:

and finally....


something is wrong with the lock so we're having to use the back door until the house is officially ours and we can change it....

whoever said moving house was stressful was LYING ....

its A BLOODY NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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