Mucus plug!!!!!

Discussion in 'Labour & Birth' started by Teresalovely, Jun 7, 2013.

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    So I had a membrane sweep on Wednesday when I was 40+1, had a little bleed after she super sweeped me! I was only 1cm dilated and uneffaced, didn't really think it would have any form of effect on me.
    I lost a little bit of plug a couple of hours after and then nothing, nothing all day yesterday just tiny bits of plug coming away...then today at 40+3, I've lost giant globs of snotty looking plug all day!!! (Tmi!) literally every time I go to the toilet and i wipe, it's there!
    I rang up the assessment ward at my hospital, just to see if it was normal to pass that much plug, and the lady on the phone was trying to convince me that it was the Vaseline the midwife put on her fingers for the sweep....2 days ago! That was just really laughable! I think this was to prevent me from going to the hospital, as our local hospital are notorious for being busy busy!

    So I'm a little confused...should I be happy that I'm progressing? How long after you lost your plug did you go into labour? I'd like to hear your thoughts and stories!
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    I was already have some contractions when they did it but it got more frequently right after had baby next day, nurse said I would probably be back that night to give birth and she was right. im not sure what the maximum time is before you know it does not work, but lumpy goo does sound right for your mucus plug - doesn't sound like you have long to wait if it is your plug gl x

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