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My Amelia has teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sep 2, 2006
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OMG just looked in Melies mouth as you do when bored and they are yawning,lol and my god she has a tooth right at the back and it is a bog old double one¬!

Whats this all about I have never heard of it before,weird

Am in shock
is it not maybe the bone you can see? i rememeber i thought colby had one and rang the HV who poped in to have a look and it was the bone of her jaw :dohh: but i was so happy i thought it was her first tooth :blush:
No it looks like mine,seriousley it is sticking out I could brush it,well going to have to brush now arent I? Lol

Defo a tooth will see if I can get a pic

awwwww bless her, and well done to her too for it not bothering her aswell :happydance::headspin:
Hun be sure to mention it to your HV, some babies are born with teeth, but if they develop early sometimes they have to be removed cause they havent come through properly and can cause problems. So they might just want to have a check.
awww bless her cant believe she has one so young thats crazy lol, is it a molar one, is that what you mean by double ? definatly mention it to HV im sure it wont be a problem but just incase. well she beat Ella by 10 months lol xx
No way!!:hi: Hi bexxie sorry i lost touch with you, hope to catch up with you now, congrats on amelia what a beautiful name.

isn't she advanced!!:rofl:

i've heard some babies are born with teeth also.:wacko:

you'll have to get brushing:happydance:
HI feel silly TBH

She looked and said whatever was there has gone back,feel right wally buyt she said it is common and they do look like molars,apparently she thinks it was either bone or a tooth shot back

Lol what am I like

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