My appointment- What do i need to take?


Aug 31, 2006
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What do i need to take info wise other than my appointment card?
Yer if they havent sent you a letter asking for a sample or anything else just that hun x
Yer you could take them with you :D x I think I would you never know! x
Not sure what u would take just wanted to say good luck hun.

Stacey xx:hugs:
I'd def take cycle history. If you have temps history I'd take that along too. Take all info you have, the worst they can do is tell you they don't need to see it.

What time is appointment?

Unofrtunatley i dont have charts, i lost them when my vip membership on fertility friend ran out :(
I dont have any advice but Best of luck for your appointment.:hugs:
Just be armed with any information that may be relevant - So maybe make a few notes before hand. They will want to know things like cycle length, past or present gynae history such as PCOS, abnormal smears any past problems with excessive or unexplained PV bleeds etc....They may even want to know about family medical history. For example if your Mother has a problem with her Thyroid, that would be relevant because it can be genetic and affect fertility.
-They will usually ask when you had your last PAP/smear and what the result is.
Basically any medical history that may be relevant and dates where possible.

Good luck!
My mum does have thyroid probs actually so ill make sure to mention that. Ive also already been tested with a slightly underactive (i think!) thyroid.

Ill be making some nots in the morning and going over number.

Thanks for your help guys :D
Ooh and they'll need to know if you are taking any medication and the dose.

(Sorry, pregnancy brain!)

Hope all goes well!

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