My losses


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Aug 31, 2006
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I have had 3 misscarriages, my first was when i was 16, i was young and didnt know any better

my second was when my marriage was breaking down so as horrible as it sounds, it was a blessing and just meant to be

my third hurt :(

me and Jase were both really excited about it and were so sad when i started to bleed, we got booked in for a scan and saw the baby and the heartbeat, but the sack was so small it was squashing the baby and stopping him from growing, i was 9 weeks but coz of teh sac being so small i was only messureing 6 weeks. the following weekend i lost him and it was the hardet thing for us to go back for a scan to see nothing there.

The night of my first scan Jase seemd to distant, i went to bed early as thats my way of dealing with things, sleeping! i got woken up by Jase coming to bed, he kissed me, then kissed my belly and broken down crying, i felt so guilty that icouldnt carry his baby! :(

We had 2 names picked out, Dexter or Nate, coz we were convinced he was a boy, so we named him Dexter and let him go. Jase brought a thumb ring the weekend we lost him, he wears it all the time, never takes it off.

We lost Dexter on the 16th July 2006

xxx Layla i am so sorry

fingers crossed for you BFP with extra glue
awww hun i know how much loosing ur lil one hurt u and u know if u ever need to tlk im always here for u

hope u get ur BFP soon hunni
*** millions of cuddles ***

I hope you get your muchly deserved BFP soon!

If you need a rant/cry am only the other end of MSN

Aww hun, u know i am always here if u need me. big {{hugs}} 2 u and Jase! :(
Layla, i know what your going through. My partner and i suffered a miscarriage too and it will be 2 yrs on October 4th. I will never forget that Monday night for the rest of my life. It was my 1st child but my partners 4th. I thought my world had ended. She became pregnant again in Jan and on Sept 29th 2005 we had a beautiful baby girl weighing in at nearly 10 lbs. We called her Ella. She will be 1 in 2 weeks time. Layla, im not very religous but prayer helped me so much. I will keep you in my prayers. xx
Awwww honey ...

Sorry about your losses ... fingers crossed for u and jase loads of baby dust with extra glue!!!!

Hey Layla,
u may not believe this but i truly sympathise with u i got married on Nov 18th 2006 and had my first m/c in january of 2007 at 7wks that was really devastating. I got pregnant again after that and the scan showed we were having twins dh and I were over the moon but the dr then said the dates werent adding up and we should come back for another scan at 12wks, just before i was scheduled fopr my scan i started bleeding at 11 and a half weeks and had to go for a d&c it was horrific i was so down but pickede my self up and got pregnant again in Nov by this time i was so scared of seeing the :bfp: that i didnt know what to do but we still had hope but lost that again at 6wks. all in all i've had two more miscarriages 2 were twin pregnancies but i am still keeping hope alive and my dh and i are stil on the TTC trail. so hang in there in due time we will have our precious angels.
I am so sorry for your losses Layla.

Hello Layla,
So sorry to hear of all your losses.
Sending you :hug: and more :hug:.
I recently lost my LO, and understand the pain you and Jase are going through. This forum has been so supportive, and we are all here for you.
So sorry to hear of your losses and sending :hugs::hugs: if you need us at any time we are all here for each other.

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