My Microscope Thread



Wanted a Microscope thread that i can refer to for info and stuff.
And if anyone else joins me on the scoping journey can also join in!!

HOW DOES IT WORK? ~ Dried saliva viewed under a microscope has a distinct crystallization pattern. When a woman is fertile and most likely to conceive, her saliva will dry in fern-like patterns.
During non-fertile days, the pattern is random, and un-connected dots appear.
When a combination of dots and "ferns" are present it is called a "transition"pattern the woman is less fertile, but conception is still very possible. "Fern-like" structures appear approximately three to four days before ovulation begins and two to three days after it stops.
Thus, the Isis-Scope is an indispensable tool for conception - or alternatively to let one know when extra awareness is required to prevent conception. In either case, the days that one is most fertile is easily determined by the Isis-Scope.

To Clean ~ water & cotton buds. Then use glasses wipe to polish the lens afterwards. ~ Scope pictures and meanings

Will keep updating with stuff as i find info!

Looks like i might join you!

Charting is good but id like something to tell me that im about to ovulate that doesnt cost the bomb!
Good luck girls, I will follow this thread with great interest!! xx

I had partial ferning yesterday (the little crystal type thing)
But nothing today... weird!!!

On the site i got mine from, the instructions there said you should do it first thing in the morning or at least 2 hours after drinking, eating or smoking.
OMG this is spooky!

I was just about to post about my microscope as i hadnt noticed one b4, lol

Im now on cycle day 2 and just used microscope (for the sake of it) and i have got a ferning pattern, i have taken pics if anyone wants a look (it wasnt easy getting pics but i did manage lol)
well done you being able to get a pic!!
If you wouldn't mind posting it that would be great!!

this is where im gonna be dumb again :oops:

where can i post a pic and how do i do it, again sorry if im being thick lol,

I must admit it wasnt easy taking a pic, i was using my mobile as it has a really good camera on it, rather shocked at the clarity of the pics
I have posted my pic on bounty website in my profile, the link is..

you need to click on one of the pics to see it more clearly

Take care and good luck
I can see the ferns there, but i don't know if its cos its so early in your cycle?
Am so not good at the scope thing yet!! lol!!

Lol What scop are you using? im using ovatel, i bought it off ebay for £19.75 and got 5 free early detection preg tests.

i didnt know you could get any ferning patterns around af time, but i have just looked the scope pic/meaning link and there it is lol, so many things i still dont know :blush:
I've got an ISIS.. got 2 early tests with it!
That link thats on here is handy... i use that to compare mine with!
I got partial ferning, and now only have the circle things!!!


is the isis the one with the bulb?

i know what you mean, all this we go through eh? scopes, opk, charting, cm and cervix checking etc :rofl: l
Yeah has got a little Green bulb in it... its really cool!

(am off to bed now hun, sorry!)

Hayley, you gonna continue with this even tho you are having a break? It will give you plenty of practise! :hugs:

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