My Poor Ellie .... :(


Aug 31, 2006
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Eleanor had her heal prick test this morning at 10.30am,
Well all was ok untill 30mins had passed and her heal was still bleeding, i don't mean a little it was still ouzing out of her heal, my MW sat here for 45mins aplying pressure then had to leave so i carried on.
She rang me at 12.30pm and it was STILL bleeding, so she rang the pediatricians at warrington, who told her to apply pressure for 5 mins ...
5 mins?? we'd been doing it for like nrly 3hrs FFS!
So i spoke to them and i got told if i wasn't happy to take her down to childrens outpaitents (ATTITUDE all the time)
So i did take her, they did a full blood count and her platelets (clotting)
One came back ok the other hasn't .... she has low platelets
Got to go back on wed at 11am for another full test only this time she has to have a veinal test done.
I was crying my eyes out earlier to see her cry like that but this is gonna kill me to see her hurting.
They think she got the same probs as i have ...
If so i have no idea whats next for her, but she is ok in herself just can't let her bleed as at the mo we can't stop it!

This isn't fair

Tis all my fault
:hugs: Awe Poor Little One. :hugs:
Aww poor little Ellie :hugs:

Dont blame yourself hun .. not your fault at all ! :hugs:
Oh no, that must have been so scary for you
Poor Ellie
Don't blame yourself for any thing babe xx
Can't help thinkin maybe if i wasn't on clexaine or the other pills it would be different ...


Poor ellie, but Imi well done for keeping on top of the bleeding and doing something about it. These professionals aint got a clue half the time! Jesus, poor lil soul :hugs:
:hugs: poor ellie. Don't blame yourself hun, its not your fault.
The woman at the hospital (Childrens ward) was supposed to have been a doctor! she spoke to my MW and was like "oh just apply pressure for 5mins" my MW was like we both been doin that for nrly 3hrs!!!
I totally lost my rag ..... but hey im hormonal and NO fooka tells me tis ok for my daughter to bleed for over 3hrs without stopping!

My MW fuming but was fantastic, apparently she was going to the hospital after her last visit! ......... Goooooo angela lol

FFS, i can't believe she said to your mw, i'm pretty sure as a qualified nurse she'd already tried it,talk about stating the obvious!
Warrington totally fuck me off there attitude STINKS!

We have to go back wednesday, im just pissed off cause if i hadn't of gone down then we wouldn't have picked up on her clotting problems.

I mean Assholes! .... Like my MW said we need to be aware of it for next lot of injections cause they need to be aware of a clotting problem.

Incompitent pillocks

oh hun thats awful

please dont blame yourself xxx
Oh sweetie & poor Ellie

Don't blame yourself or think the worst although hard not to worry over what could be hun.

Big :hugs: x
I Also was on the phone to you when you where on the way to the hospital with ellie, i really do think you should write in and complain about all the surface of care you have been getting, its not on for you and your children, Please do not blame your self its not your fault what so ever, like the doctors said before you left the hospital she is small (she looks smaller then maddie in every way) and with the drugs that are in her body that will take a little while to go BUT they will go out of her system so fingers DEFO cross it sorts it self out.

Sorry if not making much sense and sorry if upset you its 5 in the morning and got kacy shouting mummy down my ear
:hugs: Awww Imi please stop blaming urself for a start! I started this with Kai when he got Asthma at 6 months old cos i have it i blame myself but it gets u no where hun!
Good luck for wed and i hope Ellie is ok!
My MW has just been ...

she herself is taking the situation further and has sceduled a risk managment meeting with ppl from warrington hospital ...

she is one very un amused lady ....

Makes 2 of us then ...

glad MW is doing summit about it 4 u

thinking of you and your little one

hugs x
was it a prick or did they use that new slicey thing coz that is damn terrible,i nearly decked MW!

poor little thing made me feel all sad for her,love her
Ellie will be ok hun, you made out ok as will she, just stay positive. I know what you mean about seeing them in a lil pain though, quite uneasy but better to know she is safe right (hugs)

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