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My Stubborn little baby is a .....


Mummy to 4
Jul 15, 2008
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:blue::blue: BOY !!!!!!!!!!! , Compleatly shocked !!!!!!! .
Iam happy but still in shock , He really didnt wanna play ball either lol , Hes upside down and kept putting his hands over his bits :rofl: .
Crossed his legs a few times too :rofl: .
90% sure boy (Well endowed) .
The sonographer was lovely he spent ages looking , Ohhh and they gave me my days back they took off me making me 16 weeks 4 days :happydance: Due 13th of March (Friday 13th arghhhhh) .
He took all measurements and because baby was playing up , I even got too see a 4D image :) , It isnt great but i have added the 4D image the baby shot and the bits in between the leg shoot lol .
Really am happy :cloud9: , Shocked i was sure girl lol . But very happy .. Ohhh and He has massive !!!! legs the sonographer couldnt believe how long lol .
So we are naming him ****** COREY ****** .


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defo boy i see the winkle lol

congrats hun x x x
:happydance: Congratulations on your blue bump! I'm trying to convince OH to have a 16 week sexing scan but no luck yet.

P.s Love the name Corey. xx
I really didnt think at 16 weeks i would see anything , But once baby got them legs actually open was obvious too all in the room lol . I think it helped they put dates forward again making me more closer to 17 weeks :) . Iam very happy with my stubborn baby lol . Thanks girls . xxx .
congrats!!!!!!! love the name and welcome to team blue!
Thanks Girls , I couldnt decide between corey and Dillon , But as soon as we saw him we both cried and Said hes a deffinate Corey :) .
Ohh i lost 50p thow as layla bet me 50p the baby was a boy lol , Shes gonna be a righ 3 year old if she carries on like this lol . xx .
Awe, how lovley xxx
Love the name btw xxx
Aaah bless you, so pleased for you. Corey is lovely, and Friday the 13th wow!! :lol:

Congrats xx
The pics are great and I love the name Corey, always reminds me of Corey Haim and Corey Feldman in so many cool movies in the 80's.

You can always get the sex confirmed when you go for your 4D scan too can't you so that's ok for you too. :hugs:
Well my nhs scan is 14th of October so will see again , I said ohh that will confirm as things might change ... The sonographer laughed and said the bits arent gonna fall off thats a boy lol . xxx .
Congrats on your blue bump, ive been waiting all day for you to post how it went as we are having an early gender scan a week on Saturday, when i'll be 17 + 1 so hopefully they will be able to tell.

So excited - loving the name by the way x
congratulations a little boy to even out the numbers of girls recently, well done you! xx

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