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My turn to rant!


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Feb 20, 2007
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I am getting really worried about our wedding venue.

It is in the process of being built at the moment but after speaking to them they have put the completion date back and it is now due to be finished 5 days before the wedding.

We asked for a "what if" plan if it wasnt finished and they said they would send something but they didnt. Spoke to them today and they are looking into other venues for if it isnt finished!!

And im like OMG .. i dont want anywhere else .. it was supposed to be finished at the end of April. And how do you tell 70 guests that the venue has changed at that short notice.

Dont know what to do .. am panicing .. the day will be ruined if we have to go somewhere else. :cry: :cry:

Sorry .. thats my rant out the way .. lol
Crikey I'd be furious!!!

I would ring closer to the time but not that close & see what they are saying if it's still not confirmed & your still not given a straight answer I would see about plan B :?
awww hun i'm so sorry i hope everything goes ok for your day
How awful. It's hard and stressful enough organising a wedding without something like that hanging over you. :hugs:

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