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Discussion in 'Teen Pregnancy' started by EsméeK, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. EsméeK

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    Hi Sweets!

    So myself & FOB have 99% decided on the names.
    So Either
    Petal Or Zane.
    The Middle names still need to be thought of but we are gonna do something special!

    Anyway, at home tonight I thought everything was 'ok' about me being pregnant, as they were pretty calm & just said think about the money aspect of babies - children... but apparently not! They said I am tearing the family apart & I am quitting 6th Form (not just cos of LO) I got GCSE's (10A's 1A*) (Drop That in!!) but I haven't ever been into the idea of further EDU! Maybe when I am older I will go back & do degrees but I am not bothered! They now seem to hate me, ITS MY LIFEEE!

    I told Calvin who is the FOB & we are still half together but he moved to Australia, about what happened, & I miss him so much! we were together 5 years & its just feels like a struggle now! I think I may get some money out which I have saved for a rainy day for AGES and go to australia for a while...


  2. but would you achieve anything or solve any of the problems by going to australia??
  3. Jas029

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    I think it would be good for you to go and see him but I don't know, I can't say much I'm afraid I'll get in trouble! :haha:
    Your family should be there and support you not tell you your ruining your life!
    Just because your having a child doesn't mean your plans for your future will suddenly come to an end..
    They may change/They may take longer to complete but you are definitely not throwing your life away by having this child! :hugs:
  4. skippy

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    Nov 26, 2009
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    oh hun i know how you're feeling, australia is SUCH a better life and your baby will be so much better off there, maybe talk to his parents about it and see if they can help?
  5. EsméeK

    EsméeK Guest

    I wanted to go when I found out they were moving before all this baby business.

    Calvins Parents said they would buy me & LO tickets to visit after the birth...

    I think breathing space is right at the moment.
  6. EsméeK

    EsméeK Guest

    I wouldn't solve problems but its what I want, I need this break away.

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