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Sep 1, 2006
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ok its Lockys 30th Birthday on saturday and i have no idea what to get him :(
hes into volvos and already has loads of model cars so dont want to get him that. he doesnt wear jewlary so thats out the window too. He just bought new trainers aswell so i dont want to get him more.

i was thinking along the lines of a new digi camera cos the one we have is shit but ive only got £70 to spend and not sure if i can get a good one for that price :s can anyone help me as i need to go tomoz to get it



Tif's OH has these pics but they are VW's . Just wether you would like them framed in your house ? or they are ence to keep anyway
oh thanks lauz but he has loads of them stuck in the loft think their are 40 of them :wacko: him and his brother halfed in for them and he never put them up cos i wasnt keen on the idea of cars hanging on me walls its bad enugh with loads of models out :rofl:
lol dont blame you I wouldnt want them on my walls either.

I saw and ad on tv for half price digi camera, think it was argos I'll take a looks now

ok found this which isnt the one but its less than half price, so a bargin, theres loads more in your budget too
p.s doesnt your OH use this forum, maybe move this to girly bit ?
ooooooooooooh that looks nice cheers for that lauz :D
waiting on someone getting back to me about a sunroof wind deflector then i will decided between them 2 :happydance::headspin:

should i put banners and stuff up?
he did use it but ddoesnt anymore i dont think hes too busy with his volvo forum cos hes the scottish secratery so always has something to do on their hehe
lol whats a sunroof deflector do ? yes I'd definatly put banners up! and balloons and stuff like that, I love decorating for birthdays :)
well its something that clips onto the top of the doors so when you have your window open its not a full breeze you get or if its raining it stops you getting soaked :lol: so the sunroof one is just the same it stops the kids getting froze in the back if the sunroof is open and it makes it look nice aswell hehe
will look for a pic of one of his old cars with them on it ;)
ok this was his fav car beofre it was written off you can hardly see the deflectors but thwy do make a huge difference :D
ok going with the deflector just waiting on the guy ringing back to see if they can deliver on saturday :happydance::headspin:

cant wait to see his face now hehehehehe
oh I think I know what you mean! hope he likes his pressie,Im sure he will :)

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